Great Britain, 1840
Venezuela, 1861
Peru, 1899
Romania, 1934
Colombia, 1956
Fiji, 1979
Iceland, 1995
Sint Maarten, 2017
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StampData is an experimental project to build an advanced stamp catalog and collection organizer.

StampData is different from other online catalogs in its deeper knowledge of philately. It automatically sorts stamps by date and face values, it has links from overprints to the types overprinted, and it has links from the stamps to the people and things they depict. It also links stamps and images to material at other websites.

Being an experiment, the site is not as polished as some; but you will find details and connections not available anywhere else.

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612,877 stamp types

97,725 collection objects

983 countries and other issuers

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Stan Shebs
edited stamp
(Brazil 2008 1st class)

Stan Shebs
edited stamp
(Brazil 1965 500cr)

Stan Shebs
edited stamp
(Brazil 1952 60c)

Stan Shebs
added person Pedro V of Portugal

Stan Shebs
added person António Pedro

Stan Shebs
added person Pedro II of Brazil

Stan Shebs
added person Pedro I of Brazil

Stan Shebs
added person D. Pedro