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Scott catalog - Bulgaria

Name: Scott
Abbrev: Sc

Number Type Isort Sort Source
1 postage 6/1/1879 5c blk&yel d=lion of ..Cyrillic EZGB & wavy lines perf=14.5x15
2 6/1/1879 10c blk&grn
Semipostal stamps
B1 semipostal 6/20/1920 2+1s issue=ex-POW aid unwmk perf=11.5x11.75 1
B2 6/20/1920 5+2 1/2s perf=11.75x11.5 1
CB1 airmail semipostal 5/24/1947 70+30l re..e of Liberty & plane & bridge perf=11.5 1
Special delivery stamps
E1 special delivery 1939 5l dpbl issue=19..livery d=postman riding bicycle perf=13 1
E2 1939 6l copbrn d=mail car 1
Postage due stamps
J1 postage due 1884 5s org perf=VARIOUS
J2 1884 25s lake
Official stamps
O1 official 1942 10s yelgrn issue=1942 official d=arms of Bulgaria perf=13 1
O2 1942 30s red 1
Parcel post stamps
Q1 parcel post 1941 1l issue=1941 parcel perf=13.25x12.5 1
Q2 1941 2l 1
RA1 postal tax 1925 1l blk issue=1925 tax d=sanatorium from distance perf=11.5 2

Prefixes: B, CB, E, J, O, Q, RA