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purple & dark brown

Stamps with this color combination:
  • Colnect-3204-125-Harbor-of-Eritrea.jpg
  • Colnect-3568-071-Full-Solar-Eclipse.jpg
  • Colnect-3568-154-Full-solar-eclipse.jpg
Description: purple & dark brown
Abbrev: pur&dkbrn

dark brown

Used by 3 stamps: (See all uses as list)
Ethiopia postage 10/4/1953 50c issue=1st Anniversary of Federation of Ethiopia and Eritrea wmk=Ethiopian star & Amharic chars
Mauritania postage 12/3/1973 8um issue=1973 surcharges d=++on=40fr unwmk
Mauritania airmail 6/20/1973 40fr issue=Total Eclipse 1973 unwmk