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(No color combo images available)Stamps with this paper color:
  • Colnect-1444-944-Issues-of-1852-1855.jpg
  • Colnect-1694-266-Issues-of-1852-1855.jpg
Description: blued
Abbrev: blued

Red: 0.50 (127)
Green: 0.50 (127)
Blue: 0.50 (127)

Not used for any stamps.

Used by 4 stamps as paper color: See all uses as list
Barbados postage 1852 1/2p dpgrn d=Britannia
Barbados postage 1852 1p dkbl d=Britannia
Barbados postage 1852 2p slbl d=Britannia
Barbados postage 1855 4p brnred d=Britannia