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Ecuadorian sucre (Galapagos Islands usage only)

Name: Ecuadorian sucre
Defn: 100c=1s
Code: ECS
Units of money:
centavo c 1
sucre s 100

Users of this currency: Ecuador (2659 stamps, 1881-2000), Galapagos Islands (3 stamps, 1957) Show with all usages

Denominations used by Galapagos Islands in this currency:
Denom Usages Selected stamps
20c 1   7/15/1957 issue=1957 d=Sea Lions
50c 1   7/15/1957 issue=1957
1s 1   7/15/1957 issue=1957

Used by 3 stamps of Galapagos Islands: (See all uses as list)
7/15/1957 20c issue=1957 d=Sea Lions
7/15/1957 50c issue=1957
7/15/1957 1s issue=1957