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Bremen thaler

Name: Bremen thaler
Defn: 22gr=1sgr
Units of money:
gr gr 1
sgr sgr 22

Users of this currency: Bremen (16 stamps, 1855-1867)

Denominations used by Bremen in this currency:
Denom Usages Selected stamps
2gr 2   11/13/1861 yelorg issue=1861 d=arms oval frame, 12/14/1866 yelorg issue=1866 d=arms oval frame
3gr 4   4/10/1855 blk pc=bl issue=1855 d=arms shield paper=horizontally laid ... 12/14/1866 blk issue=1866 d=arms shield
5gr 3   1856 blk pc=rose issue=1855 ... 12/14/1866 blk pc=rose issue=1866
7gr 2   1860 blk pc=yel issue=1855, 1867 blk pc=yel issue=1866
10gr 2   11/13/1861 blk issue=1861, 1867 blk issue=1866
5sgr 3   10/8/1859 grn issue=1855 ... 12/14/1866 ltgrn issue=1866

Used by 16 stamps of Bremen: (See all uses as list)
4/10/1855 3gr blk pc=bl issue=1855 d=arms shield imperf paper=horizontally laid
4/10/1855 3gr blk pc=bl issue=1855 d=arms shield imperf paper=vertically laid
1856 5gr blk pc=rose issue=1855 imperf
10/8/1859 5sgr grn issue=1855 imperf
1860 7gr blk pc=yel issue=1855 imperf
11/13/1861 2gr yelorg issue=1861 d=arms oval frame perf=roul 16
11/13/1861 5gr blk pc=rose issue=1861 perf=roul 16
11/13/1861 10gr blk issue=1861 perf=roul 16
1863 3gr blk issue=1861 d=arms shield perf=roul 16
1863 5sgr grn issue=1861 perf=roul 16
12/14/1866 2gr yelorg issue=1866 d=arms oval frame perf=13
12/14/1866 3gr blk issue=1866 d=arms shield perf=13
12/14/1866 5gr blk pc=rose issue=1866 perf=13
12/14/1866 5sgr ltgrn issue=1866 perf=13
1867 7gr blk pc=yel issue=1866 perf=13
1867 10gr blk issue=1866 perf=13