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4a denom (#10105)

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Desc: 4a

Currency: Macanese pataca (old) (78a=1r=1p)

Numerical sorting value: 240

Users of this denom: Macao (10 stamps, 1894-1913)

Used by 10 stamps of Macao: (See all uses as list)

12/1894 4a vio issue=1894 provisional d=King Luís I (1886) oc=blk on=1888-25r perf=12.5
1898 4a seagrn issue=1898 d=King Carlos (1898) perf=11.75
4/1/1898 4a grn issue=Vasco da Gama 400th d=Muse of history watching fleet perf=13.5 - 16
1902 4a seagrn issue=1902d d=King Carlos (1898) ovpt=PROVISORIO oc=blk on=1898-4a-seagrn perf=11.75
1903 4a car issue=1898 d=King Carlos (1898) perf=11.75
postage due 7/1904 4a brn&blk d=numeral (1904 colonial due)
4/2/1911 4a car issue=1911 d=King Carlos (1898) ovpt=REPUBLICA oc=blk on=issue=1898-4a-car perf=11.75
1913 4a grn issue=1913d da Gama d=Muse of history watching fleet ovpt=REPUBLICA horiz oc=blk on=4/1/1898-4a perf=13.5 - 16
1913 4a car issue=1913e d=King Carlos (1898) ovpt=REPUBLICA light oc=blk on=issue=1898-4a-car perf=11.75
1913 4a graybrn issue=1913f d=King Carlos (1898) oc=blk on=4/2/1911-8a perf=11.75

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