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700b denom (#1020)

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Desc: 700b

Currency: Bolivian boliviano (100c=1b=1b$=1p)

Numerical sorting value: 4200000

Users of this denom: Bolivia (7 stamps, 1957-1960)

Used by 7 stamps of Bolivia: See all uses as list
airmail 2/14/1957 700b issue=1957 surcharges d=Gate of the Sun & llama unwmk
airmail 5/22/1957 700b dplil issue=7th session of CEPAL d=globe with South America unwmk
airmail 12/15/1957 700b issue=railroad opening d=Presidents Siles Zuazo & Aramburu unwmk
airmail 1960 700b grayol issue=Jaime Laredo d=Jaime Laredo b
airmail 4/7/1960 700b redbrn issue=World Refugee Year
12/17/1960 700b gld&vio issue=1960 provisional d=Sun Gate oc=blk on=25c-gld&vio-Sun Gate-unissued
12/17/1960 700b issue=1960 provisional d=Sun Gate oc=blk on=1b-Sun Gate-unissued

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