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2sh6p denom (#10616)

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Desc: 2sh6p

Currency: New Zealand pound (240d=240p=20sh=20s=1lb)

Numerical sorting value: 1800

Users of this denom: Cook Islands (4 stamps, 1921-1946), New Zealand (2 stamps, 1957-1960), Niue (1 stamp, 1931), Pitcairn Islands (7 stamps, 1940-1966)

Used by 14 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Cook Islands 1921 2sh6p ovpt=RAROTONGA oc=blk on=issuer=New Zealand-2sh6p
Cook Islands 11/12/1931 2sh6p
Niue 11/12/1931 2sh6p d=postal fiscal ovpt=NIUE. oc=blk on=issuer=New Zealand-2sh6p-postal fiscal
Cook Islands 7/15/1936 2sh6p issue=1932 hi vals
Pitcairn Islands 10/15/1940 2sh6p brn&grn issue=George VI pictorial d=Fletcher Christian on HMS Bounty & Pitcairn coast
Cook Islands 1946 2sh6p issue=1943 ovpt=COOK ISLANDS oc=blk on=issuer=New Zealand-2sh6p
New Zealand 1/1/1957 2sh6p brn issue=1953 d=Queen Elizabeth II mounted wmk=multiple NZ & star
Pitcairn Islands 7/2/1957 2sh6p redpur&ultra issue=Elizabeth II pictorials d=Queen Elizabeth II & launching new whaleboat perf=13x12.5
New Zealand 7/11/1960 2sh6p issue=1960 d=butter making wmk=multiple NZ & star perf=15x14
Pitcairn Islands 6/4/1963 2sh6p ultra issue=Freedom from Hunger d=sources of protein
Pitcairn Islands 12/9/1963 2sh6p viobl&red d=Red Cross perf=13.5
Pitcairn Islands 8/5/1964 2sh6p issue=1964 d=Pterodroma ultima (1964) wmk=St Edwards crown & CA perf=14x14.5
Pitcairn Islands 5/17/1965 2sh6p bl&grnbl issue=ITU 100th d=ITU wmk=St Edwards crown & CA perf=11x11.5
Pitcairn Islands 8/1/1966 2sh6p issue=World Cup Soccer d=Jules Rimet Cup footballers legs & ball wmk=St Edwards crown & CA perf=14

Used by 4 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=New Zealand-2sh6p
issuer=New Zealand-2sh6p-postal fiscal
issuer=New Zealand-2sh6p-brn
issuer=Pitcairn Islands-1964-2sh6p