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8c denom (#11067)

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Desc: 8c

Currency: Mexican peso (100c=8r=1p=1np=1n$=1$)

Numerical sorting value: 480

Users of this denom: Mexico (4 stamps, 1925-1947)

Used by 4 stamps of Mexico: (See all uses as list)

official 1925 8c org issue=1925 official c wmk=CORREOS MEXICO perf=Rouletted 14.5
1926 8c org d=Juarez wmk=CORREOS MEXICO
1946 8c blk d=de Almanza wmk=S.H.C.P. MEXICO & eagle perf=14
1947 8c blk issue=1947 d=ME de Almansa wmk=GOBIERNO MEXICANO & eagle perf=14