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8c denom (#11072)

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Desc: 8c

Currency: Nicaraguan córdoba (100c=1cord=1cor=1c$=1cd)

Numerical sorting value: 480

Users of this denom: Nicaragua (20 stamps, 1932-1957)

Used by 20 stamps of Nicaragua: (See all uses as list)

airmail 10/24/1932 8c issue=Earthquake at Managua Overprinted "Correo Aéreo Interior - 1932 d=Surcharged "Vale" and Value oc=blk on=10c-Surcharged "Vale" and Value
11/20/1932 8c issue=1932 provisional b oc=blk on=15c
8/3/1933 8c viobrn issue=Celebrating the First Voyage of Christopher Columbus
airmail 11/3/1933 8c issue=1933 provisional d oc=blk on=15c
airmail 4/6/1936 8c issue=1936 surcharges d oc=blk on=15c
9/5/1936 8c issue=1936 surcharges j oc=blk on=15c
airmail 9/27/1936 8c issue=1936 surcharges l oc=blk on=15c
airmail 5/10/1937 8c issue=Airmail oc=blk on=15c
airmail 6/19/1937 8c issue=1937 surcharges c oc=blk on=15c
airmail 7/30/1937 8c vio issue=1937 air domestic
airmail 10/12/1937 8c dkbl issue=postal service 75th wmk=2
airmail 1/18/1938 8c dkbl&blk issue=postal service 75th air domestic d=Tomas Martinez
airmail 1939 8c ltvio issue=1939 air domestic d=Lake Managua
airmail 2/1/1940 8c dkbrn issue=1940 air
9/1/1945 8c dkrose&blk d=Columbus & lighthouse
6/5/1946 8c issue=Franklin D. Roosevelt memorial
8/29/1947 8c issue=1947
airmail 8/29/1947 8c red&ol issue=1947 air
6/25/1953 8c brn&blk dt=Presidents of the Republic d=Don Adolfo Diaz
4/9/1957 8c blk&car issue=100th Anniversary of the Birth of Lord Robert Baden-Powell