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60c denom (#11131)

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Desc: 60c

Currency: Colombian peso (100c=1p)

Numerical sorting value: 3600

Equivalent denoms: 0.6p

Users of this denom: Colombia (34 stamps, 1932-1973)

Used by 34 stamps of Colombia: See all uses as list
airmail 1932 60c dkbrn&vioblk issue=1932 air b
airmail 1/12/1932 60c brn issue=1932 air a
airmail 1/28/1941 60c purbrn issue=1941 air d=Street in Bogotá
airmail 11/3/1945 60c viobrn issue=1945 air d=Tequendama Waterfall
airmail 7/21/1948 60c grayol issue=1948 air d=Street View of Bogotá
airmail 6/22/1950 60c brn issue=LANSA
airmail 7/12/1950 60c grayol issue=Avianca overprint d=Street View of Bogotá on=issue=1948 air-60c
airmail 9/15/1951 60c grayol issue=Lansa 1951 d=Street View of Bogotá on=issue=1948 air-60c
airmail 10/1/1951 60c gray issue=Avianca 1951
airmail 1/15/1954 60c dkbrn issue=1954 air
1956 60c gray&blgrn issue=Departmental d=harvesting cotton, Tolima unwmk
12/5/1959 60c grn&blk issue=40th Anniversary of Colombian "AVIANCA" Airmail Services unwmk
airmail 5/1/1960 60c gray&red issue=Inauguration of Eldorado Airport
airmail 5/10/1960 60c dt=flowers (1960 Colombia) d=Passiflora mollissima
airmail 5/10/1960 60c dt=flowers (1960 Colombia) d=Anthurium andreanum
airmail 5/24/1960 60c dkgrn&gray issue=World Refugee Year
airmail 7/20/1960 60c orgbrn&blgrn issue=Colombian independence 150th d=Andres Rosillo, A. Villavicencio and Joa…
airmail 10/18/1962 60c pur&gld issue=UPAE 50th
3/11/1963 60c issue=Vatican II
airmail 3/11/1963 60c gld&redbrn issue=Vatican II d=Pope John XXIII
airmail 11/1/1965 60c issue=100th Anniversary of the telegraph in Colombia
airmail 11/1/1965 60c issue=100th Anniversary of the telegraph in Colombia
airmail 12/13/1965 60c issue=History of Colombian Aviation
1/18/1967 60c dkredbrn&bis issue=Famous Colombians dt=famous men (1967) d=Jorge Tadeo Lozano
2/2/1967 60c issue=Bogota Declaration d=South America map & emblem
6/6/1968 60c issue=39th International Eucharistic Congress
8/13/1968 60c issue=39th International Eucharistic Congress b d="Gathering Manna" - Vasquez
airmail 12/16/1969 60c issue=Christmas 1969
2/24/1972 60c gray&blk issue=20th Anniversary of Inter-Governmental Committee on European Migration
6/24/1972 60c issue=150th Anniversary of Annexation of San Andres and Providencia Islands d=Palm Beach
11/23/1972 60c org issue="Social Front for the People" Campaign
5/10/1973 60c issue=40th Anniversary of Colombian Radio Amateurs League
6/15/1973 60c issue=Inauguration of Museum of Pre-Colombian Antiques, Bogota
12/13/1973 60c issue=150th Anniversary of the Death of General Antonio Narino d=JMEspinoza General Antonio Nariño

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