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30c denom (#11460)

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  • Colnect-2088-146-Carlos-Mar-iacute-a-de-Alvear.jpg
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Desc: 30c

Currency: Argentine peso (100c=8r=1$a=1$=1pa=1p)

Numerical sorting value: 1800

Equivalent denoms: 0.30pa

Users of this denom: Argentina (32 stamps, 1873-1975)

Used by 32 stamps of Argentina: (See all uses as list)

1873 30c org issue=1867b d=Carlos Maria de Alvear perf=12
official 8/12/1884 30c org issue=1884 official a wmk=small sun
2/20/1888 30c choc issue=1888a d=Dorrego perf=11.5
1897 30c org issue=1896 d=Belgrano (1896) wmk=large sun
1899 30c rose issue=1899 d=Liberty seated wmk=large sun
1901 30c ver issue=1899 d=Liberty seated wmk=large sun
official 12/1/1901 30c bl issue=1901 official d=Liberty Head (1901) wmk=large sun
1908 30c dlrose issue=1908 d=San Martin (1908) wmk=large sun
5/1/1910 30c lil&blk issue=Republic 100th d=Belgrano & Larrea wmk=large sun perf=11.5
12/1911 30c cl d=farmer watching sun rise across field wmk=large sun perf=13.5x12.5
1912 30c cl d=farmer watching sun rise across field wmk=honeycomb perf=13.5x12.5
7/9/1916 30c cl issue=1916 d=San Martin 1816-1916 wmk=honeycomb
1917 30c cl d=San Martin (1917 a) wmk=honeycomb perf=13.25
7/1918 30c cl d=San Martin (1917 a)
1920 30c cl d=San Martin (1917 a) wmk=multiple suns perf=13.5x12.5
5/1923 30c cl issue=1923a d=San Martin (1923) var=period after value wmk=RA in sun
12/1923 30c cl issue=1923b d=San Martin (1923) var=no period after value wmk=RA in sun perf=13.25x12.5
airmail 3/1/1928 30c rose issue=1928 air wmk=RA in sun
1930 30c dpvio issue=1930 d=march wmk=RA in sun
9/6/1931 30c cl issue=revolution 1st d=San Martin (1923) var=no period after value ovpt=-6-//Septiembre//1930-1931 oc=blk on=issue=1923b-30c wmk=RA in sun perf=13.25x12.5
1/4/1933 30c issue=La Plata 50th wmk=RA in sun perf=13.25x13
1936 30c orgbrn issue=1935 dt=1935 type d=Merino sheep 1936 wmk=RA in sun perf=13.25x13
1936 30c dkvio issue=1935 dt=1935 type d=sugar cane wmk=RA in sun
5/25/1940 30c d=souvenir sheet wmk=RA in sun
airmail 10/23/1940 30c redorg issue=1940 air d=plane on envelope wmk=RA in sun
airmail 1942 30c redorg issue=1942 air wmk=RA in sun
1945 30c orgbrn issue=1945 dt=1935 type perf=13.25x13
airmail 1945 30c redorg issue=1946 air b
10/31/1946 30c car issue=Universal Savings Day d=Coin Bank & World Map perf=13.5x13
1949 30c issue=1942 wmk=RA in sun
5/15/1974 30c issue=1974 dt=Generals and Personalities d=General Belgrano
11/20/1975 30c brnol

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