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30c denom (#11463)

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Desc: 30c

Currency: Congolese franc (100c=1fr)

Numerical sorting value: 1800

Users of this denom: Belgian Congo (7 stamps, 1921-1942), Democratic Republic of the Congo (5 stamps, 1962-1963), Belgian occupation of German East Africa (1 stamp, 1922), RuandaUrundi (4 stamps, 1924-1942)

Used by 17 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Belgian Congo 7/1/1921 30c car&blk issue=1921 dt=scenic bilingual d=Stanley Falls ovpt=value//bars oc=blk on=1910-10c
Belgian Congo 1922 30c car&blk issue=1922a dt=scenic&value words d=Stanley Falls ovpt=value oc=blk on=1915-10c
Belgian occupation of German East Africa 1922 30c car&blk dt=scenic&value words d=Stanley Falls ovpt=EST AFRICAIN ALLEMAND//... oc=blk on=issue=1916c-10c
Belgian Congo postage due 7/9/1923 30c grn issue=1923 due
Belgian Congo 1924 30c olgrn issue=1923 d=woodcarver (1923)
RuandaUrundi 12/1/1924 30c red issue=1924 ovpt=RUANDA//URUNDi oc=blk on=issuer=Belgian Congo-30c-red
RuandaUrundi postage due 12/1/1924 30c ovpt=RUANDA//URUNDI oc=blk on=issuer=Belgian Congo-30c
Belgian Congo 1925 30c rose issue=1923 d=woodcarver (1923) perf=12
RuandaUrundi 1925 30c olgrn issue=1924 d=woodcarver (1923) ovpt=RUANDA//URUNDi oc=blk on=issuer=Belgian Congo-30c-olgrn
Belgian Congo 5/23/1942 30c bl issue=1942 Belge d=oil palms perf=12.5
Belgian Congo 5/23/1942 30c bl issue=1942 Belgisch d=oil palms perf=12.5
RuandaUrundi 5/23/1942 30c ltbl issue=pictorial d=oil palms (1942 b)
Democratic Republic of the Congo 1/20/1962 30c issue=Dag Hammarskjold memorial
Democratic Republic of the Congo 10/15/1962 30c issue=govt reorg ovpt=Paix,//... oc=blk on=1/20/1962-30c
Democratic Republic of the Congo 5/25/1963 30c issue=Red Cross 100th d=Strophanthus sarmentosus & Red Cross
Democratic Republic of the Congo 7/1/1963 30c issue=aid to Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo 8/31/1963 30c issue=1963 dt=birds (1963 Democratic Republic of the Congo) d=Anastomus lamelligerus (1963)

Used by 7 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=Belgian Congo-30c-red
issuer=Belgian Congo-30c-olgrn
issuer=Belgian Congo-30c
issuer=Belgian Congo-1921-30c
issuer=Belgian Congo-1922-30c
issuer=Belgian Congo-1923~1924-30c
issuer=Democratic Republic of the Congo-1/20/1962-30c