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30c denom (#11536)

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Desc: 30c

Currency: Monegasque franc (100c=1fr=1f)

Numerical sorting value: 1800

Equivalent denoms: 0.30fr

Users of this denom: Monaco (18 stamps, 1905-1980)

Used by 18 stamps of Monaco: See all uses as list
postage due 1905 30c issue=1905 postage due unwmk
postage due 1910 30c d=Prince Albert I (1910) unwmk
1922 30c dkgrn issue=1922 d=Oceanographic Museum unwmk perf=11
1923 30c scar issue=1922 d=Oceanographic Museum unwmk perf=11
1924 30c org issue=1924 d=Prince Louis II profile unwmk perf=14x13.5
postage due 1925 30c issue=1925 postage due unwmk
2/20/1926 30c rose d=Prince Louis II profile oc=blk on=1924-25c-rose unwmk perf=14x13.5
1932 30c yelgrn issue=1932 d=Church of St. Devote unwmk perf=13
12/20/1937 30c issue=1937 ovpt unwmk perf=14x13.5
2/21/1939 30c dkblgrn issue=1939 dt=scenic (1939 Monaco) d=palace gate unwmk perf=13
1940 30c brnred issue=1939 dt=scenic (1940) d=palace gate unwmk perf=13
1943 30c dlgrn issue=1937b d=arms of Monaco (1937) unwmk perf=13.5
postage due 5/20/1946 30c dkvio issue=1946 due unwmk
12/13/1946 30c dkbl issue=Franklin D. Roosevelt memorial d=Monaco harbor unwmk perf=13
7/1948 30c blk issue=1946 d=Louis II profile unwmk perf=14x13
1960 30c blvio issue=1960a d=Prince Rainier III 1923-2005 unwmk perf=13
5/22/1964 30c issue=1st airplane rally 50th d=Savoia S.16 & map of route Rome-Australia-Japan-Rome unwmk
11/6/1980 30c issue=sea life 1980 dt=sea life (1980) d=Violescent Sea-whip Paramuricea clavata unwmk perf=13x12.75

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