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2r denom (#11738)

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Desc: 2r

Currency: Burmese rupee (192p=16a=1r)

Numerical sorting value: 23040

Users of this denom: Burma (8 stamps, 1937-1952), Japanese occupation of Burma (1 stamp, 1942)

Used by 9 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Burma 4/1/1937 2r ovpt=BURMA oc=blk on=issuer=India-2r
Burma 11/15/1938 2r issue=George VI pictorials d=King George VI & peacock wmk=elephant heads
Japanese occupation of Burma 9/22/1942 2r ultra d=Mt Fuji & cherry blossoms oc=blk on=issuer=Japan-issue=1937b-20s wmk=curved wavy lines perf=13
Burma 1945 2r issue=1945 d=King George VI & peacock ovpt=MILY ADMIN oc=blk on=1938-2r wmk=elephant heads
Burma 1/1/1946 2r sal&redbrn issue=George VI pictorials 1946 d=King George VI & peacock wmk=elephant heads
Burma 10/1/1947 2r sal&redbrn issue=1947 interim government d=King George VI & peacock ovpt=(interim government) oc=blk on=2r-sal&redbrn wmk=elephant heads
Burma 7/19/1948 2r d=martyrs memorial
Burma 1/4/1949 2r issue=1949
Burma 1952 2r yelgrn issue=1952 wmk=elephant heads

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