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2p denom (#12276)

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Desc: 2p

Currency: Philippine peso (c) (1000mp=1000m=100cs=100c=1p)

Numerical sorting value: 120000

Users of this denom: Philippines (12 stamps, 1898-1952), Japanese occupation of the Philippines (1 stamp, 1943)

Used by 13 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Philippines 1898 2p dkbl d=King Alfonso XIII (1898) perf=14
Philippines 9/8/1906 2p blk issue=1906 d=arms of Manila (1906) wmk=double line PIPS perf=12
Philippines 1911 2p dkbrn issue=1911 d=arms of Manila (1906) wmk=single line PIPS perf=12
Philippines 1913 2p dkbrn issue=1906 d=arms of Manila (1906) wmk=double line PIPS perf=12
Philippines 1917 2p viobrn issue=1917 d=arms of Manila (1906) perf=11
Philippines 1925 2p viobrn issue=1925 d=arms of Manila (1906) imperf
Philippines airmail 5/13/1926 2p viobrn issue=1926 airmail d=arms of Manila (1906) ovpt=AIR MAIL//... oc=blk on=issue=1917-2p perf=11
Philippines 1932 2p dkbl d=arms of Manila (1906) ovpt=value oc=blk on=1917-4p perf=11
Philippines 2/15/1935 2p yelbrn&blk issue=1935 d=Battle of Manila Bay perf=11
Philippines 12/1936 2p yelbrn&blk issue=1936 d=Battle of Manila Bay ovpt=COMMONWEALTH(large) oc=blk on=2p-yelbrn&blk-Battle of Manila Bay perf=11
Philippines 1938 2p yelbrn&blk issue=1938 d=Battle of Manila Bay ovpt=COMMONWEALTH(small) oc=blk on=1935-2p-yelbrn&blk-Battle of Manila Bay perf=11
Japanese occupation of the Philippines 1943 2p issue=1943
Philippines 1952 2p vio issue=1952 d=Graciano Jaena perf=11

Used by 5 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=Philippines-2p-yelbrn&blk-Battle of Manila Bay
issuer=Philippines-1935-2p-yelbrn&blk-Battle of Manila Bay