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6c denom (#12462)

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Desc: 6c

Currency: Mozambican escudo (100c=1e)

Numerical sorting value: 360

Users of this denom: Mozambique (5 stamps, 1917-1921), Mozambique Company (6 stamps, 1916-1925), Nyassa (2 stamps, 1921-1924)

Used by 13 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Mozambique Company postage due 1916 6c purbrn&blk issue=1916 due d=numeral (1906 Mozambique Company)
Mozambique postage due 1917 6c perf=11.5x12
Mozambique Company postage due 11/1/1919 6c ltbrn issue=1919 due d=elephants supporting arms of Portugal perf=12.5-15
Mozambique Company 1920 6c org&blk oc=blk on=issue=1918-50c
Mozambique Company 1920 6c vio&blk oc=blk on=issue=1918-8c
Mozambique semipostal 12/1/1920 6c issue=Charity perf=11.5
Mozambique 1921 6c lil issue=Ceres d=Ceres (1913) perf=12x11.5
Mozambique 1921 6c red ovpt=SEIS//CENTAVOS oc=blk on=type=war tax-5c-red perf=11,12
Mozambique postage due 1921 6c blgrn&blk issue=1921 due b d=Ceres (1913) oc=blk on=issue=Ceres-1c-blgrn perf=15x14
Mozambique Company 1921 6c cl&bl issue=1918
Nyassa 1921 6c blk&vio issue=1921b d=Vasco da Gama (1921)
Nyassa postage due 1924 6c issue=1924 postage due d=ship Sao Gabriel
Mozambique Company 1925 6c lil&blk issue=1918 perf=12.5