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15c denom (#12614)

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Desc: 15c

Currency: Colombian peso (100c=1p)

Numerical sorting value: 900

Users of this denom: Colombia (51 stamps, 1932-1966), Cundinamarca (2 stamps, 1904), Panama (1 stamp, )

Used by 54 stamps: See all uses as list
Panama 15c blk d=Santo Tomas hospital unissued
Cundinamarca 1904 15c issue=1904 d=numeral (1904 Cundimarca)
Cundinamarca 1904 15c rose issue=1904 imperf
Colombia airmail 1932 15c blgrn&vioblk issue=1932 air
Colombia 1/26/1935 15c bl&brnred issue=National Olympiad
Colombia 1/4/1937 15c bl issue=Industrial Exposition d=stadium,Barranquilla
Colombia 7/27/1938 15c ltbl issue=Bogota 400th d=Bochica
Colombia airmail 1939 15c ver&vioblk issue=1932 air
Colombia 3/3/1939 15c dpbl issue=1939 d=seal
Colombia 5/6/1940 15c dkbl issue=Santander death 100th d=Baptistery in Rosario
Colombia airmail 10/20/1940 15c issue=1940 air
Colombia airmail 10/20/1940 15c issue=1940 air
Colombia airmail 1/28/1941 15c car issue=1941 air
Colombia 1943 15c bl issue=1940 d=Santander (1943)
Colombia airmail 11/3/1945 15c red issue=1945 air d=Bay of Santa Maria
Colombia 6/7/1946 15c bl d=map
Colombia 9/3/1946 15c blk issue=Bello death 80th d=Bello (1946)
Colombia 4/2/1948 15c d=p
Colombia 4/2/1948 15c graybl issue=9th Pan-American Congress
Colombia 4/2/1948 15c bl issue=9th Pan-American Congress
Colombia 5/29/1948 15c d=Simón Bolivar
Colombia airmail 7/21/1948 15c bl issue=1948 air
Colombia 10/7/1949 15c bl d=arms of Colombia (1949)
Colombia airmail 6/22/1950 15c bl issue=LANSA
Colombia airmail 7/12/1950 15c bl issue=Avianca overprint
Colombia airmail 7/18/1950 15c bl issue=Lansa overprint
Colombia airmail 5/10/1952 15c ultra issue=1952 air
Colombia 10/30/1952 15c grn issue=siderurgical conference d=Mutis & Triana oc=blk on=1947-25c
Colombia airmail 12/12/1953 15c issue=2nd National Philatelic Exhibition oc=blk on=10p
Colombia airmail 1/15/1954 15c issue=1954 air
Colombia airmail 1/15/1954 15c red issue=1954 air
Colombia airmail 6/13/1954 15c car issue=1st Anniversary of the 1953 Coup
Colombia airmail 7/18/1954 15c dkbrn issue=7th National Athletic Games
Colombia 9/9/1954 15c brn issue=300th Anniversary of the Death of Pedro Claver d=San Pedro Claver Church 1654 Cartagena
Colombia 9/9/1954 15c redbrn issue=300th Anniversary of the Death of Pedro Claver
Colombia airmail 10/29/1954 15c blk&ultra issue=1st International Fair
Colombia 12/6/1954 15c brnred issue=College 300th d=College Cloister
Colombia airmail 12/6/1954 15c redbrn&blk issue=College 300th
Colombia airmail 12/6/1954 15c pur issue=College 300th
Colombia airmail 12/6/1954 15c brn&blk issue=College 300th
Colombia airmail 1/28/1955 15c dkgrn issue=100th Anniversary of the Birth of Jose Marti
Colombia 4/12/1955 15c grn issue=Grand-Colombian merchant fleet d=fleet emblem
Colombia 4/12/1955 15c ltgrn issue=Greater Colombia Merchant Marine Commemoration
Colombia airmail 5/16/1955 15c car&pnk
Colombia airmail 9/28/1955 15c car issue=50th Anniversary of Rotary International
Colombia airmail 10/29/1955 15c pnk&blk issue=7th Postal Union Congress of the Americas and Spain d=O'Higgins, Santander and Sucre
Colombia airmail 11/29/1955 15c grn issue=100th Anniversary of the Death of Jose Eusebio Caro
Colombia 1956 15c bl&blk issue=Departmental d=Salt-dome from Zipaquira unwmk
Colombia airmail 5/23/1957 15c blk issue=25 years of Agricultural Credit Bank unwmk
Colombia airmail 7/20/1957 15c red issue=Colombian Military Academy 50th unwmk
(plus 4 more) See all uses as list

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