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50c denom (#12786)

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Desc: 50c

Currency: Honduran lempira (100c=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 3000

Equivalent denoms: 0.50l (40)

Users of this denom: Honduras (17 stamps, 1933-1979)

Used by 17 stamps of Honduras: (See all uses as list)

8/3/1933 50c red d=Columbus fleet wmk=mult ovals
official 1935 50c dkvio issue=1935 official
airmail 1/10/1935 50c issue=1935 air d=Airmail - Otus flammeolus
airmail 12/7/1937 50c dkbrn issue=1937
airmail official 3/1/1939 50c dkbl&vio issue=1939 air official
airmail 11/19/1940 50c dkbl&vio issue=Dedication of Columbus Memorial Lighthouse
airmail 12/8/1953 50c car&blk issue=1953 surcharges b d=++on=8c
airmail 10/3/1956 50c blk&blgrn issue=1956 air d=Pease memorial
airmail official 10/3/1956 50c blk&brncar issue=1956 air official
airmail 10/2/1958 50c issue=18th Anniversary of Institute for Inter-American Culture d=flag of Honduras & flag of United States
airmail 2/12/1959 50c issue=150th Anniversary of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln d=flag of Honduras & Gettysburg Address & flag of United States
airmail official 6/1/1959 50c issue=150th Anniversary of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln
airmail official 6/1/1959 50c issue=150th Anniversary of the Birth of Abraham Lincoln b
airmail 11/18/1961 50c brn issue=court judgment d=Pres Morales Foreign Minister Puerto & map
airmail official 5/29/1964 50c issue=1964 air official
airmail 4/1/1979 50c issue=UPU membership 100th
airmail 4/26/1979 50c issue=Rotary Honduras 50th

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