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4k denom (#13008)

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Desc: 4k

Currency: Turkish lira (4000pa=100k=1l=1tl)

Numerical sorting value: 160

Users of this denom: Turkey (13 stamps, 1930-1956)

Used by 13 stamps of Turkey: (See all uses as list)

1930 4k dprose issue=1930 dt=Latin with umlaut d=The Legendary Blacksmith & his Gray Wolf perf=12
8/30/1930 4k issue=Opening of the Ankara-Sivas Railway perf=12
10/1/1931 4k sl issue=1931 d=Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1931 b) perf=11.5
10/20/1931 4k car issue=2nd Balkan Conference d=Olive Tree with Roots Extending to All Balkan Capitals perf=12
10/29/1936 4k issue=Dardanelles recovery perf=12
10/29/1942 4k fawn issue=1942 Inonu d=Inonu profile perf=11-12.5 .75
4/1/1943 4k brncar issue=1943 pictorials d=Merino sheep
postal tax 1944 4k mag issue=1941 tax d=soldier&map
1948 4k dkgrn issue=1948 d=Inonu (1948 a) perf=12.5
9/1/1951 4k grn issue=1950 d=Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1931 b) perf=10x12
3/15/1952 4k emer issue=1952 perf=13.75
official 1955 4k dkgrn issue=1955 official a d=Inonu (1948 a) on=issue=1948-4k perf=12.5
1956 4k sl issue=1953 d=Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1931 b)

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