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5p denom (#13078)

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Desc: 5p

Currency: Gibraltar pound (pre-decimal) (240d=240p=20sh=20s=1lb)

Numerical sorting value: 300

Users of this denom: Gibraltar (6 stamps, 1947-1970)

Used by 6 stamps of Gibraltar: (See all uses as list)

1947 5p redorg issue=George VI pictorials d=Europa Point & King George VI
10/19/1953 5p redpur issue=Elizabeth II pictorials d=plane at Gibraltar airport & Queen Elizabeth II
7/7/1969 5p issue=1967 d=CS Mirror
7/30/1969 5p grn&sil issue=new constitution
12/1/1969 5p issue=Christmas 1969
8/28/1970 5p dt=uniforms (1970) d=South Wales Borderers perf=14

All are wmk=mult crown & script CA

Used by 1 stampdesc as denom: