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10f denom (#131)

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Desc: 10f

Currency: Bahraini dinar (1000f=1d)

Numerical sorting value: 600

Users of this denom: Abu Dhabi (3 stamps, 1968-1970), Bahrain (3 stamps, 1966-1976), United Arab Emirates (1 stamp, 1972)

Used by 7 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Bahrain 1/1/1966 10f issue=1966 d=Sheikh Isa
Bahrain 3/28/1966 10f issue=trade fair perf=13
Abu Dhabi 8/6/1968 10f issue=Sheik Zaid accession 1st d=arms of Abu Dhabi & Sheik Zayed perf=14x14.5
Abu Dhabi 3/28/1969 10f issue=recent progress d=Main building of the airport of the city of Abu Dhabi perf=12.75x13
Abu Dhabi 1970 10f issue=1970a d=Sheik Zayed in polygonal frame perf=14
United Arab Emirates 8/1/1972 10f issue=Provisional d=Sheik Zayed in polygonal frame oc=blk on=issuer=Abu Dhabi-issue=1970-10f perf=14
Bahrain 1/4/1976 10f issue=1976 d=Sheikh Isa & flag of Bahrain perf=14.25

Used by 2 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=Abu Dhabi-issue=1970-10f
issuer=United Arab Emirates-1972-10f