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1c denom (#13909)

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Desc: 1c

Currency: Peruvian sol (100c=1s)

Numerical sorting value: 60

Users of this denom: Peru (54 stamps, 1874-1951), Chilean occupation of Peru (2 stamps, 1881-1882)

Used by 56 stamps: See all uses as list
Peru 1874 1c orgyel issue=1874 perf=12
Peru postage due 1879 1c bis issue=1874 postage due grilled wmk=wavy lines
Peru 1/6/1880 1c blgrn issue=1880 ovpt=PLATA//PERU in oval oc=red on=issue=1874-1c-blgrn perf=12
Peru 6/1880 1c blgrn issue=1874 perf=12
Chilean occupation of Peru 1881 1c orgyel ovpt=Chilean arms oc=blk on=issuer=Peru-issue=1874-1c-orgyel perf=12
Peru 1/28/1881 1c blgrn ovpt=PLATA//LIMA in oval oc=blk on=issue=1874-1c-blgrn perf=12
Peru postage due 1/28/1881 1c olbrn issue=1881 due a
Peru postage due 10/20/1881 1c olbrn issue=1881 due b
Chilean occupation of Peru 1882 1c blgrn ovpt=Chilean arms&UPU horseshoe oc=blk on=issuer=Peru-issue=1874-1c-blgrn perf=12
Peru postage due 1883 1c olbrn issue=1883 due
Peru postage due 1883 1c olbrn issue=1883 due b
Peru 1883 1c grn issue=1883c
Peru 1883 1c grn issue=1883d d=Red Overprint
Peru 1883 1c grn issue=1883d d=Black Overprint
Peru 1883 1c grn issue=1883d d=Blue Overprint
Peru 10/23/1883 1c org issue=1883a
Peru postage due 1884 1c olbrn
Peru postage due 1886 1c bis issue=1886 postage due ungrilled wmk=wavy lines
Peru 6/1/1886 1c slvio issue=1886 perf=12
Peru 9/1/1889 1c grn issue=1889b
Peru official 2/15/1890 1c issue=1890 official
Peru official 10/1/1894 1c org issue=1894 official
Peru official 10/1/1894 1c grn issue=1894 official
Peru 10/23/1894 1c blgrn ovpt=Bermudez portrait oc=blk on=issue=1874-1c-blgrn perf=12
Peru 10/23/1894 1c orgyel ovpt=Bermudez portrait oc=blk on=issue=1874-1c-orgyel perf=12
Peru official 5/1/1895 1c issue=1895 official
Peru 9/8/1895 1c grayvio d=Liberty (1895) perf=12
Peru 12/7/1895 1c orgred issue=1886 perf=12
Peru 1896 1c ultra issue=1896 d=Manco Capac (1896) perf=12
Peru official 1896 1c ultra issue=1896 official d=Manco Capac (1896) ovpt=GOBIERNO oc=blk on=1896-1c-ultra perf=12
Peru postage due 11/17/1896 1c olbrn issue=1896 due
Peru 11/8/1897 1c bis ovpt=FRANQUEO oc=blk on=1c-bis-unissued
Peru 12/31/1897 1c dkbl issue=GPO inauguration d=Puacartambo Bridge perf=12
Peru 1898 1c yelgrn issue=1896 d=Manco Capac (1896) perf=12
Peru 1/1901 1c grn&blk issue=20th century beginning d=Grau (1901) perf=12
Peru postage due 1902 1c issue=1902 due oc=blk on=20c
Peru 1907 1c bl&blk d=Municipal Hygiene Institute, Lima ovpt=UN//CENTAVO oc=red on=1905-12c perf=12
Peru 3/7/1907 1c grn&blk issue=1907 d=monument to Bolognesi perf=12
Peru 1909 1c gray issue=1909 d=Manco Capac (1909) perf=12
Peru official 1909 1c red issue=1909 official wmk=wavy lines perf=12
Peru postage due 1909 1c redbrn wmk=wavy lines
Peru official 1914 1c org issue=1909 official wmk=wavy lines perf=12
Peru 1915 1c redbrn&blk issue=1915 provisional d=City Hall,Lima ovpt=value//1915 oc=blk on=1907-10c-redbrn&blk perf=12
Peru 1915 1c red&vio issue=1915 provisional d=Grau (1907) ovpt=value//1915 oc=blk on=1907-2c-red&vio perf=12
Peru 1915 1c olgrn issue=1915 provisional d=llama (1907) ovpt=value//1915 oc=blk on=1907-4c perf=12
Peru 1915 1c yelgrn issue=1915 provisional d=Manco Capac (1896) ovpt=value//1915 oc=blk on=1898-1c-yelgrn perf=12
Peru 1915 1c grn&blk issue=1915 provisional d=monument to Bolognesi ovpt=value//1915 oc=blk on=1907-1c-grn&blk perf=12
Peru 1915 1c dkgray issue=1915 provisional d=Pizarro ovpt=value//1915 oc=blk on=1900-10c perf=12
Peru 1916 1c redbrn issue=1916a d=Castilla ovpt=Vale//value//1916 oc=blk on=1909-20c-redbrn perf=12
Peru 1916 1c yel issue=1916a d=Grau (1909) ovpt=Vale//1 Centavo//1916 oc=blk on=1909-50c-yel perf=12
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Used by 15 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=Peru-type=postage due-1909-1c
issuer=Chilean occupation of Peru-1881-1c