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2c denom (#14046)

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Desc: 2c

Currency: Panamanian balboa (100c=1b)

Numerical sorting value: 120

Equivalent denoms: 0.02b (8)

Users of this denom: Panama (67 stamps, 1906-1976), Canal Zone (8 stamps, 1904-1924)

Used by 75 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Canal Zone 6/24/1904 2c rose d=map of Panama (1892) ovpt=bar//CANAL ZONE oc=blk on=issuer=Panama-2c-rose perf=12
Canal Zone 7/18/1904 2c ovpt=CANAL ZONE//PANAMA oc=blk on=issuer=Panama-2c
Canal Zone 12/12/1904 2c issue=1904c ovpt=CANAL//ZONE oc=blk on=issuer=Panama-2c
Panama 1906 2c bisbrn d=map of Panama (1892) oc=blk on=1896-50c perf=12
Panama 11/1906 2c scar&blk issue=1906 d=Fernandez de Cordoba perf=12
Panama 1909 2c red&blk issue=1909 d=Fernandez de Cordoba perf=12
Canal Zone 1909 2c red&blk issue=1909a d=Fernandez de Cordoba ovpt=CANAL//ZONE oc=blk on=issuer=Panama-1909-2c perf=12
Canal Zone 1909 2c red&blk issue=1909b d=Fernandez de Cordoba ovpt=CANAL//ZONE(up) oc=blk on=issuer=Panama-1909-2c perf=12
Canal Zone 1915 2c car&blk issue=1915 d=Balboa taking possession ovpt=CANAL//ZONE(up) oc=bl on=issuer=Panama-1915-2c perf=12
Panama 3/1/1915 2c car&blk issue=Panama Exposition d=Balboa taking possession perf=12
Panama 8/15/1919 2c scar&blk d=cathedral ruins oc=blk on=1915-2 1/2c perf=12
Panama 11/1921 2c car issue=independence 100th d=Land Gate perf=12
Canal Zone 11/13/1921 2c issue=100th ovpt=CANAL//ZONE oc=blk on=issuer=Panama-2c
Panama 11/28/1921 2c dkgrn issue=Hurtado 100th d=Manuel José Hurtado perf=12
Panama 1923 2c scar&blk d=cathedral ruins ovpt=1923//... oc=blk on=1915-2 1/2c perf=12
Canal Zone 2/1924 2c d=arms ovpt=CANAL//ZONE oc=blk on=issuer=Panama-2c-arms
Panama 5/1924 2c car d=arms of Panama (1924) perf=12
Panama 6/10/1926 2c scar issue=Bolivar Congress 100th d=Bolivar (1926) perf=12
Panama 1/9/1928 2c issue=Lindberg visit d=Spirit of St Louis perf=12
Panama 11/1/1928 2c dkgrn issue=republic 25th perf=12
Panama postage due 1930 2c dkrd issue=1930 due d=numeral (1930)
Panama 1932 2c scar d=Bolivar (1926) ovpt=HABILITADA oc=bl on=1926-2c perf=12
Panama 7/3/1933 2c car issue=Manuel Amador Guerrero 100th d=Manuel Amador Guerrero (1933) perf=12
Panama 7/24/1934 2c scar issue=National Institute 25th d=Eusebio A. Morales perf=12
Panama 9/24/1936 2c yelbrn issue=100th Anniversary of the Birth of Pablo Arosemena d=arms of Panama (1924) oc=blk on=1924-24c perf=12
Panama 12/1936 2c carrose issue=4th Spanish-American Postal Congress d=La Pollera perf=12
Panama 1937 2c ol issue=1937a d=Carlos de Ycaza ovpt=1937-38//value oc=blk on=1921-8c perf=12
Panama 1937 2c ltbl issue=1937a d=Statue of Balboa ovpt=1937-38//value oc=blk on=1921-15c perf=12
Panama 1937 2c brnblk issue=1937a d=Tomas Herrera ovpt=1937-38//value oc=blk on=1921-24c perf=12
Panama 1937 2c blk issue=1937a d=Jose de Fabrega (1921) ovpt=1937-38//value oc=blk on=1921-50c perf=12
Panama 1937 2c gray issue=1937a d=Bolivar (1926) ovpt=1937-38//value oc=blk on=1926-4c perf=12
Panama 1937 2c scar issue=1937a d=Bolivar (1926) ovpt=1937-38 oc=blk on=1926-2c-scar perf=12
Panama 1937 2c dlvio issue=1937a d=Bolivar statue ovpt=1937-38//value oc=blk on=1926-10c-dlvio perf=12
Panama 1937 2c lil issue=1937a d=Bolivar statue ovpt=1937-38//value oc=blk on=1926-8c-lil perf=12
Panama 1937 2c olgrn issue=1937a d=Bolivar statue ovpt=1937-38//value oc=blk on=1926-12c perf=12
Panama 1937 2c dkgrn issue=1937a d=Manuel José Hurtado ovpt=1937-38 oc=blk on=1921-2c-dkgrn perf=12
Panama 3/1/1937 2c carrose issue=1937b d=La Pollera ovpt=U//P//U oc=blk on=1936-2c-carrose-La Pollera perf=12
Panama 11/25/1937 2c red issue=Cuerpo de Bomberos 50th d=La Concordia Fire wmk=Harrison & Sons, London perf=12
Panama airmail 2/12/1938 2c grn issue=4th Central American and Caribbean Games wmk=Harrison & Sons, London
Panama 6/5/1938 2c car d=arms of Panama (1924) ovpt=NORMAL DE//SANTIAGO//JUNIO 5 1938 oc=blk on=1924-2c perf=12
Panama 12/7/1938 2c issue=US Constitution 150th d=Old Panama Cathedral Tower & Statue of Liberty perf=12
Panama airmail 1939 2c blgrn issue=Panama Canal 25th air perf=12
Panama 8/15/1939 2c car issue=Panama Canal 25th d=Canal Allegory perf=12
Panama 1/2/1941 2c car issue=new constitution d=arms of Panama (1924) ovpt=CONSTITUCION//1941 oc=blk on=1924-2c perf=12
Panama 1942 2c issue=border dispute settlement 1st d=Flags of Panama & Costa Rica perf=12
Panama 1942 2c issue=1942 d=oxcart with sugarcane perf=12
Panama 2/19/1942 2c bl d=Balboa oc=blk on=5c-unissued
Panama 1947 2c vio d=National Theater oc=blk on=type=airmail-1947-8c perf=12
Panama 1947 2c issue=National Constitutional Assembly 2nd d=flag perf=12
Panama 1948 2c red&blk issue=Cervantes 400th d=Miguel de Cervantes perf=12
(plus 25 more) (See all uses as list)

Used by 17 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=Panama-1936-2c-carrose-La Pollera
issuer=Canal Zone-2c
issuer=Canal Zone-1904-2c
issuer=Canal Zone-1909-2c
issuer=Canal Zone-1914-2c
issuer=Canal Zone-1915-2c
issuer=Canal Zone-1921-2c