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5c denom (#14107) (British forces in Somalia usage only)

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Desc: 5c

Currency: East African shilling (2000c=20sh=20s=1lb)

Numerical sorting value: 300

Users of this denom: Aden (5 stamps, 1951-1965), Kathiri State of Seiyun (2 stamps, 1951-1954), Quaiti State in Hadhramaut (3 stamps, 1951-1963), British forces in Eritrea (5 stamps, 1948-1951), British forces in Somalia (2 stamps, 1948-1950), Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania (13 stamps, 1922-1960), Somaliland Protectorate (2 stamps, 1951-1954), Tanganyika (7 stamps, 1922-1961), Zanzibar (8 stamps, 1936-1966) Show with all usages

Used by 2 stamps of British forces in Somalia: (See all uses as list)

5/27/1948 5c issue=1948 ovpt=B.M.A.//SOMALIA//value oc=blk on=issuer=Great Britain-1941-1/2d-grn-King George VI
1/2/1950 5c issue=1950 ovpt=B. A.//SOMALIA//value oc=blk on=issuer=Great Britain-1941-1/2d-grn-King George VI

All are grn d=King George VI (1937 a) wmk=crown & GVIR perf=15x14