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5c denom (#14205)

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Desc: 5c

Currency: Lithuanian litas (100ct=100c=1lt=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 300

Equivalent denoms: 0.05l, 5ct

Users of this denom: Lithuania (27 stamps, 1922-1994), Russian occupation of Lithuania (1 stamp, 1940), Lithuanian occupation of Memel (3 stamps, 1923)

Used by 31 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Lithuania 5c bl unissued
Lithuania 11/1922 5c ol issue=new currency c d=peasant oc=blk on=1921-50sk wmk=wavy lines perf=11.25 paper=thin white
Lithuania 11/1922 5c grn&vio issue=new currency c d=peasant oc=blk on=1921-60sk wmk=wavy lines perf=11.25 paper=thin white
Lithuania 11/1922 5c org&car issue=new currency c d=Prince Kestutis oc=blk on=1921-80sk wmk=wavy lines perf=11.25 paper=thin white
Lithuania 11/1922 5c bis&red issue=new currency d d=white knight oc=blk on=5/1922-4auk-var=no bars wmk=wavy lines paper=thin white
Lithuania 11/1922 5c bis&red issue=new currency d d=white knight oc=blk on=5/1922-4auk-var=with bars wmk=wavy lines paper=thin white
Lithuania 1923 5c issue=Reunification with Memel perf=11
Lithuania 1923 5c issue=1923c d=emblem perf=11
Lithuanian occupation of Memel 4/16/1923 5c brnol issue=provisional b d=Lithuanian arms b oc=blk on=issue=arms-300m
Lithuanian occupation of Memel 5/1923 5c red issue=provisional c d=Lithuanian arms b oc=blk on=issue=arms-100m
Lithuanian occupation of Memel 5/2/1923 5c red issue=provisional b d=Lithuanian arms b oc=blk on=issue=arms-100m
Lithuania 1924 5c palegrn issue=1924a d=emblem wmk=parquetry perf=11.25
Lithuania 1/1927 5c grn issue=1927 d=double-barred cross wmk=intersecting diamonds
Lithuania 1/1927 5c ltgrn issue=1927 d=double-barred cross wmk=parquetry
Lithuania 2/16/1928 5c issue=independence 10th wmk=webbing perf=14.5
Lithuania 6/3/1929 5c grn issue=1929 d=double-barred cross wmk=webbing perf=14.5
Lithuania 2/16/1930 5c grn&org issue=Vytautas death 500th d=Grand Duke Vytautas wmk=webbing perf=14
Lithuania 1932 5c red&dlpur issue=independence 15th d=Vytautas escaping from prison wmk=webbing
Lithuania 1932 5c issue=orphans d=Kaunas railroad station wmk=intersecting diamonds
Lithuania 1933 5c grn&car issue=newspaper 50th d=Andrius Visteliauskas wmk=webbing
Lithuania airmail 5/6/1933 5c olgray&dpbl issue=Kestutis death 550th d=Trakai Castle wmk=multiple letters
Lithuania airmail 9/15/1933 5c car&dkbl issue=orphan benefit d=Jonas Maciulis-Maironis wmk=multiple letters perf=14.25
Lithuania 9/16/1933 5c grn&dpbrn issue=childrens fund d=mother & child wmk=multiple letters
Lithuania 6/1934 5c blgrn&grn issue=1934 wmk=multiple letters perf=14
Lithuania 1936 5c grn d=emblem 1934 wmk=multiple letters perf=14.5
Lithuania 1940 5c lake issue=liberty d=white knight perf=14x14.25
Russian occupation of Lithuania 8/21/1940 5c lake issue=1940 d=white knight ovpt=LTSR//1940 VII 21 oc=blk on=issuer=Lithuania-1940-5c-lk perf=14x14.25
Lithuania 7/3/1993 5c issue=Town Arms 1993 d=Arms of Skuodas
Lithuania 7/17/1993 5c issue=World Unity Day 1993 d="Spring" - By M. Ciurlionis perf=13x13.25
Lithuania 4/9/1994 5c issue=independence 5th perf=11.75
Lithuania 6/25/1994 5c dt=national costumes (1994)

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