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20c denom (#14616)

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Desc: 20c

Currency: Malaya and British Borneo dollar (100c=1$)

Numerical sorting value: 1200

Users of this denom: Christmas Island (2 stamps, 1958-1963), Malaya, Federation (4 stamps, 1962-1965), North Borneo (12 stamps, 1895-1961), Japanese occupation of North Borneo (2 stamps, 1942-1944)

Used by 20 stamps: (See all uses as list)

North Borneo 6/1895 20c red ovpt=value block oc=blk on=1894-$1-red perf=14
North Borneo 8/1909 20c issue=1909 oc=blk on=18c-unissued
North Borneo semipostal 5/1/1916 20c issue=1916 semi carmine on=issue=1909-20c
North Borneo semipostal 5/1/1916 20c issue=1916 semi vermilion on=issue=1909-20c
North Borneo 1922 20c issue=Malaya-Borneo Exhibition ovpt=MALAYA-BORNEO//EXHIBITION//1922 oc=bl on=issue=1909-20c
North Borneo 1926 20c issue=1926 oc=blk on=18c-unissued
North Borneo 1/1/1939 20c blblk&lil issue=1939 d=river scene (1939)
Japanese occupation of North Borneo 1942 20c blblk&lil issue=1942 d=river scene (1939) ovpt=chars oc=blk on=issuer=North Borneo-issue=1939-20c
Japanese occupation of North Borneo 9/30/1944 20c issue=1944b
North Borneo 12/17/1945 20c blblk&lil issue=1945 d=river scene (1939) ovpt=BMA oc=blk on=1939-20c
North Borneo 1947 20c blblk&lil issue=1947 d=river scene (1939) ovpt=bars&monogram oc=blk on=1939-20c
North Borneo 7/1/1950 20c brn issue=1950 d=Bajau chief
North Borneo 3/1/1954 20c brn issue=Elizabeth II pictorials d=Bajau chief
Christmas Island 10/15/1958 20c bl&blk d=Queen Elizabeth II (1958 Christmas Island) perf=14.5
North Borneo 2/1/1961 20c ultra&blgrn issue=1961 d=Phalaenopsis Orchid & Queen Elizabeth II
Malaya, Federation 7/21/1962 20c blgrn&yelbrn issue=national language month d=Palmyra Palm Leaf wmk=PTM multiple perf=13.5
Malaya, Federation 6/28/1963 20c vio&grn issue=Cameron Highlands Hydro-electric Scheme d=Cameron Highlands & power line wmk=PTM multiple perf=14
Christmas Island 8/28/1963 20c viobl issue=1963 d=loading ship
Malaya, Federation postage due 1964 20c dkbl issue=1964 postage due d=numeral wmk=St Edwards crown & CA perf=12.5
Malaya, Federation postage due 1965 20c dkbl issue=1964 postage due d=numeral wmk=St Edwards crown & CA perf=12

Used by 5 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=North Borneo-issue=1939-20c
issuer=North Borneo-issue=1909-20c
issuer=North Borneo-1939-20c
issuer=North Borneo-1950-20c
issuer=North Borneo-1961-20c