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20c denom (#14694)

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Desc: 20c

Currency: Peruvian sol (100c=1s)

Numerical sorting value: 1200

Equivalent denoms: 0.20s

Users of this denom: Peru (53 stamps, 1874-1969), Chilean occupation of Peru (1 stamp, 1881)

Used by 54 stamps: See all uses as list
Peru postage due 1874 20c bl issue=1874 postage due grilled wmk=wavy lines
Peru 1878 20c dlred issue=1874 d=arms of Peru (1874 20c) perf=12
Chilean occupation of Peru 1881 20c dlred d=arms of Peru (1874 20c) ovpt=Chilean arms oc=blk on=issuer=Peru-issue=1874-20c-dlred perf=12
Peru postage due 1/28/1881 20c bl issue=1881 due a
Peru postage due 10/20/1881 20c bl issue=1881 due b
Peru postage due 1883 20c bl issue=1883 due
Peru postage due 1883 20c bl issue=1883 due b
Peru postage due 1886 20c bl issue=1886 postage due ungrilled wmk=wavy lines
Peru 6/1/1886 20c bl issue=1886 d=arms of Peru (1874 20c) perf=12
Peru official 2/15/1890 20c issue=1890 official
Peru 1895 20c issue=1895 Tumbes
Peru 3/15/1895 20c dpbl issue=1886 perf=12
Peru official 5/1/1895 20c ultra issue=1895 official
Peru 9/8/1895 20c org d=Liberty (1895) perf=12
Peru 1896 20c org issue=1896 d=Pizarro perf=12
Peru postage due 11/17/1896 20c bl issue=1896 due
Peru 3/7/1907 20c dkgrn&blk issue=1907 d=School of Medicine,Lima perf=12
Peru 1909 20c redbrn issue=1909 d=Castilla perf=12
Peru 1918 20c olgrn&blk issue=1918 d=Caceres perf=12
Peru 7/28/1921 20c car&blk issue=independence 100th d=Augusto Bernardino Leguia perf=12
Peru 1924 20c bl issue=1924 d=statue of Olaya
Peru 1924 20c ultra issue=Battle of Ayacucho 100th d=Simon Bolivar (1924)
Peru 1929 20c yel issue=1924 d=statue of Olaya
Peru 1931 20c yel issue=1931a d=Jose Olaya - Monument
Peru 1931 20c issue=1931b d=Perus natural resources - Guano Deposits
Peru 11/1932 20c redbrn issue=1932 d=Monument to Simon Bolivar in Lima
Peru 1934 20c vio issue=1932
Peru 1935 20c dpbl issue=1934
Peru 1/17/1935 20c grn issue=Ica founding 300th d=Boardwalk Huachina
Peru 1/18/1935 20c dksl issue=Lima founding 400th d=Pizarros encounter with the Thirteen on the island of Gallo
Peru airmail 1936 20c issue=1936 air wmk=wavy lines perf=12.5
Peru 8/27/1936 20c dkbrn issue=Callao province 100th d=Plan of Walls of Callao in 1746 perf=12.5
Peru 11/1936 20c blk issue=1936
Peru 1937 20c blkbrn issue=1936 d=Municipal Palace & Museum of Natural History
Peru airmail 1937 20c olgrn issue=1936 air wmk=wavy lines
Peru 7/1/1938 20c issue=1938 d=Industrial Bank of Peru
Peru airmail 7/1/1938 20c mag issue=1938 air wmk=wavy lines
Peru 2/1943 20c issue=Amazon discovery 400th d=Gonzalo Pizarro
Peru 1945 20c pur issue=1945 d=Industrial Bank of Peru
Peru 1946 20c viobrn d=Toribio de Luzuriaga oc=blk on=1945-1s-viobrn
Peru airmail 12/1948 20c slbl oc=blk on=issue=1938 air-70c wmk=wavy lines
Peru 1949 20c blvio issue=1949 d=Industrial Bank of Peru
Peru 1951 20c vio issue=1951
Peru 10/13/1951 20c sep issue=5th Pan-American highway congress
Peru 1953 20c redbrn issue=1952 d=vicuna (1953)
Peru 1960 20c redbrn issue=1960 Joh Enschede d=vicuna (1960)
Peru 12/20/1961 20c bl
Peru 11/19/1962 20c car issue=1962 De La Rue wmk=wavy lines
Peru 11/2/1965 20c red&blk issue=Postal Employees Christmas Fund wmk=wavy lines
Peru 8/8/1966 20c brnred issue=1966 INA d=vicuna (1966) wmk=wavy lines
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