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10c denom (#14891)

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Desc: 10c

Currency: Angolan escudo (100c=1e)

Numerical sorting value: 600

Users of this denom: Angola (11 stamps, 1913-1963)

Used by 11 stamps of Angola: (See all uses as list)

1913 10c redbrn issue=1913a d=return of the fleet ovpt=REPUBLICA ANGOLA oc=blk on=issuer=Macao-issue=Vasco da Gama 400th-16a perf=13.5 - 16
1913 10c yelbrn issue=1913b d=return of the fleet ovpt=REPUBLICA ANGOLA oc=blk on=issuer=Portuguese Africa-issue=Vasco da Gama 400th-100r
1913 10c bisbrn issue=1913c d=return of the fleet ovpt=REPUBLICA ANGOLA oc=blk on=issuer=Timor-issue=Vasco da Gama 400th-16a perf=12.5-16
1914 10c redbrn&blk issue=Ceres d=Ceres (1913)
postal tax 1957 10c d=old man ovpt=value//bars oc=red on=1955-50c perf=13
1/1/1957 10c dt=costumes (1957) d=Andulo flutist perf=11.75
postal tax 1958 10c d=old man ovpt=value//bars oc=blk on=1955-50c perf=13
postal tax 1959 10c org&blk perf=13
11/30/1961 10c dt=Angolan girls perf=13.5
8/1963 10c ltbl&multi dt=municipal arms d=arms of Massangano perf=13.5
11/1/1963 10c graybl dt=churches (1963) d=Cathedral in Sá da Bandeira perf=14.5

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