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10c denom (#14893)

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Desc: 10c

Currency: Argentine peso (100c=8r=1$a=1$=1pa=1p)

Numerical sorting value: 600

Equivalent denoms: 0.10p, 0.10pa

Users of this denom: Argentina (63 stamps, 1858-2002)

Used by 63 stamps of Argentina: (See all uses as list)

5/1/1858 10c grn d=confederation seal small numerals imperf
1/1860 10c grn d=confederation seal large numerals imperf
1/11/1862 10c grn d=seal of the republic imperf
1863 10c yelgrn d=seal of the republic var=no accent
1864 10c grn issue=1864a d=Rivadavia var=clear wmk=italic RA imperf
1864 10c grn issue=1864b d=Rivadavia var=worn wmk=italic RA perf=11.5
1867 10c grn issue=1867a d=Rivadavia perf=11.5
1867 10c grn issue=1867b d=Belgrano (1867) var=horiz lines perf=12
1873 10c grn issue=1867b d=Belgrano (1867) perf=12 paper=laid
official 8/12/1884 10c grn issue=1884 official a wmk=small sun
1/15/1888 10c brn issue=1888a d=Avellaneda (1888) perf=11.5
1890 10c brn issue=1888b d=Avellaneda (1890) perf=11.5
1892 10c carrose issue=1892 d=Belgrano (1892) wmk=small sun
1896 10c carrose issue=1896 d=Belgrano (1896) wmk=large sun
1899 10c dkgrn issue=1899 d=Liberty seated wmk=large sun
official 12/1/1901 10c dkgrn issue=1901 official d=Liberty Head (1901) wmk=large sun
1908 10c graygrn issue=1908 d=San Martin (1908) wmk=large sun
5/1/1910 10c yelbrn&blk issue=Republic 100th d=Beruti wmk=large sun perf=11.5
12/1911 10c graygrn d=farmer watching sun rise across field wmk=large sun perf=13.5x12.5
1912 10c dpgrn d=farmer watching sun rise across field wmk=honeycomb perf=13.5x12.5
7/9/1916 10c graygrn issue=1916 d=declaration independence 1816-1916 wmk=honeycomb
1917 10c graygrn d=San Martin (1917 a) wmk=honeycomb
7/1918 10c graygrn d=San Martin (1917 a)
1920 10c graygrn d=San Martin (1917 a) wmk=multiple suns
8/25/1921 10c viobrn d=allegory of Pan-America wmk=multiple suns
5/1923 10c dlgrn issue=1923a d=San Martin (1923) var=period after value wmk=RA in sun
12/1923 10c dlgrn issue=1923b d=San Martin (1923) var=no period after value wmk=RA in sun
1927 10c dlgrn wmk=AP in oval
airmail 3/1/1928 10c issue=1928 air wmk=RA in sun
1930 10c grayblk issue=1930 d=spirit of victory wmk=RA in sun
1931 10c dlgrn issue=1931 wmk=RA in sun perf=12.5x13
9/6/1931 10c dlgrn issue=revolution 1st d=San Martin (1923) var=no period after value ovpt=-6-//Septiembre//1930-1931 oc=blk on=issue=1923b-10c wmk=RA in sun
8/29/1932 10c ver d=refrigeration wmk=RA in sun
1/4/1933 10c issue=La Plata 50th wmk=RA in sun perf=13x13.25
10/1/1934 10c rose&brn issue=32nd International Eucharistic Congress d=Christ of the Andes wmk=RA in sun perf=13x13.5
1935 10c car issue=1935 dt=1935 type d=Rivadavia wmk=RA in sun perf=13.25x13
5/15/1935 10c red issue=Vargas visit wmk=RA in sun perf=13x13.5
10/17/1935 10c graygrn issue=philatelic exhibition of Buenos Aires d=sheet wmk=RA in sun imperf
12/1/1936 10c rose d=peace conference wmk=RA in sun
official 1938 10c car issue=1938 official dt=1935 type d=Rivadavia on=issue=1935-10c wmk=RA in sun perf=13.25x13
official 1938 10c car issue=1938 official dt=1935 type d=Rivadavia on=issue=1935-10c wmk=RA in sun perf=13.25x13
1942 10c brn issue=1935 dt=1935 type d=Bernardino Rivadavia wmk=RA in sun perf=13.25x13
1942 10c issue=1942 wmk=RA in sun
1946 10c brn issue=1945 dt=1935 type d=Bernardino Rivadavia perf=13.25x13
official 1946 10c brn issue=1946 official dt=1935 type d=Bernardino Rivadavia on=issue=1945-10c perf=13.25x13
10/17/1946 10c blgrn issue=1945 coup 1st d=Argentina receiving acclaim perf=13.25x13
9/20/1948 10c ltbrn issue=Agriculture Day perf=13x13.5
3/1/1949 10c bl issue=railroad nationalization 1st d=winged wheel perf=13.5x13
8/17/1950 10c issue=San Martin death 100th perf=13.5
12/14/1951 10c brnvio issue=womens suffrage d=Woman Voter
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