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10c denom (#14990)

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  • Colnect-130-544-Voluntary-Service.jpg
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  • Colnect-130-555-25th-Anniversary-of-Universal-Declaration-of-Human-Rights.jpg
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  • Colnect-130-925-Knight-of-Malta-Mail-steamer-1930.jpg
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  • Colnect-2273-105-Fr-Anastasju-Cuschieri-poet.jpg
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  • Colnect-130-972-Bus-ferry-and-airliner.jpg
  • Colnect-130-981-Field-Officer-1st-Maltese-Provincial-Battalion-1805.jpg
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  • Colnect-130-995-Workers-hands-gripping-ring-and-national-flag.jpg
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  • Colnect-131-066-Lesser-Kestrel-Falco-naumanni.jpg
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  • Colnect-131-114-Untitled-painting-by-Paul-Carbonaro.jpg
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  • Colnect-3094-286-1904-Cadillac-Model--B-.jpg
Desc: 10c

Currency: Maltese lira (1000m=100c=1lb=1lm)

Numerical sorting value: 6000

Users of this denom: Malta (40 stamps, 1972-2003)

Used by 40 stamps of Malta: (See all uses as list)

5/16/1972 10c issue=decimal currency dt=coins (1972 Malta) wmk=Maltese cross mult
3/31/1973 10c issue=1973 wmk=Maltese cross mult
postage due 4/28/1973 10c redvio&vio issue=1973 due d=numeral on Maltese lace wmk=Maltese cross mult
10/6/1973 10c cl&blk&gold issue=human rights 25th d=two heads & emblem wmk=Maltese cross mult
1/12/1974 10c brnvio&gold dt=notable Maltese d=Antonio Sciortino perf=14
1/28/1976 10c dt=Folklore (1976) perf=14
10/31/1981 10c issue=History of Maltese Industry d=Grape Pressing wmk=Maltese cross mult perf=14
11/19/1986 10c dt=Maltese ships (1982) d=Knight of Malta (1930) wmk=Maltese cross mult perf=14
6/10/1987 10c dt=uniforms of the Order of St John of Jerusalem d=18th Century Standard Bearer perf=14
1/23/1988 10c dt=famous Maltese (1988)
3/5/1988 10c issue=St John Bosco death 100th d=statue of St John Bosco perf=14
4/9/1988 10c issue=Europa 1988 d=modes of transport & Valletta wmk=Maltese cross mult
7/23/1988 10c dt=uniforms (1987) wmk=Maltese cross mult perf=14
9/17/1988 10c issue=Olympics 1988 wmk=Maltese cross mult perf=14
1/28/1989 10c issue=25th Anniversary of Independence d=Work wmk=Maltese cross mult
5/6/1989 10c issue=Europa 1989 d=Boys with kite wmk=Maltese cross mult perf=13.75
6/24/1989 10c dt=Maltese uniforms d=Private, Malta Militia (1856) wmk=Maltese cross mult perf=14
10/17/1989 10c issue=40th anniversary of the Council of Europe dt=Anniversaries and Events (1989) wmk=Maltese cross mult perf=14
12/2/1989 10c d=George Herbert Walker Bush and map of Malta and Mikhail Gorbachev wmk=Maltese cross mult
2/9/1990 10c issue=Europa 1990 dt=post offices (1990 Malta) wmk=Maltese cross mult perf=14
5/3/1990 10c dt=British writers d=Lord Byron (1990) wmk=Maltese cross mult perf=13.5
6/8/1990 10c issue=World Cup 1990 wmk=Maltese cross mult perf=14
8/25/1990 10c dt=military uniforms (1987 Malta) wmk=Maltese cross mult perf=14
3/6/1991 10c issue=Philatelic Union d=magnifying glass and stamps wmk=Maltese cross mult perf=14
3/16/1991 10c issue=Europa 1991 d=Eurostar Satellite/Matra Espace wmk=Maltese cross mult perf=14
8/13/1991 10c dt=Maltese uniforms d=Royal Malta Regiment of Militia (1903) wmk=Maltese cross mult perf=14
10/3/1991 10c issue=WWF 1991 dt=birds of prey (1991) d=Falco eleonorae (1991) wmk=Maltese cross mult
10/3/1991 10c issue=WWF 1991 dt=birds of prey (1991) d=Falco naumanni (1991) wmk=Maltese cross mult
12/9/1991 10c issue=1991 dt=Natural and Artistic Heritage of the Maltese Islands d=Mellie─ža Bay wmk=Maltese cross mult
2/8/1992 10c issue=Malta International Airport d=National flags and Terminal wmk=Maltese cross mult perf=14
2/20/1992 10c issue=Europa 1992 d=Colombus' ships wmk=Maltese cross mult
4/15/1992 10c issue=50th Anniversary of World War II Fightings on Malta d=George Cross and bell wmk=Maltese cross mult
6/24/1992 10c issue=Olympics 1992 d=High Jumping wmk=Maltese cross mult
postage due 1/4/1993 10c yelorg issue=1993 due d=Neolithic design wmk=Maltese cross mult
4/7/1993 10c issue=Europa 1993 d=Untitled painting by Paul Carbonaro wmk=Maltese cross mult
5/4/1993 10c issue=Games for Small States In Europe 1993 d=Zepp and tennis court wmk=Maltese cross mult
7/21/1993 10c issue=Scouts d=Scout with camp fire wmk=Maltese cross mult
9/13/2000 10c issue=Flowers 2000 d=Rosa sempervirens wmk=Maltese cross mult
4/18/2001 10c issue=50th Anniversary of the Death of Edward Caruana Dingli d=The Guitar Player wmk=Maltese cross mult
2/26/2003 10c dt=vintage cars (2003 Malta) d=1904 Cadillac Model 'B'