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4+4l denom (#15451)

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Desc: 4+4l

Currency: Romanian leu (100b=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 24000
Second numerical value: 24000

Users of this denom: Romania (5 stamps, 1931-1948)

Used by 5 stamps of Romania: (See all uses as list)

6/8/1931 4+4l ol issue=Scouting Exhibition d=Prince Michael of Romania in scout uniform wmk=crown over PTT perf=13.5
11/10/1943 4+4l issue=100th Anniversary of the Romanian Artillery wmk=cross & crown mult
10/1/1947 4+4l dkol issue=17th Congress of The General Association of Engineers in Romania wmk=cross & crown mult
11/7/1947 4+4l dkultra issue=3rd Anniversary of the Founding of Apararea Patriotica wmk=cross & crown mult
5/9/1948 4+4l redbrn issue=Romanian Army 1948 wmk=cross & crown mult

All are semipostal

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