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750fr denom (#16224) (Equatorial Guinea usage only)

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Desc: 750fr

Currency: Central African CFA franc (100c=1fr)

Numerical sorting value: 4500000

Users of this denom: Central Africa (171 stamps, 1989-2016), Chad (27 stamps, 1988-2012), Republic of the Congo (15 stamps, 1987-1999), Equatorial Guinea (3 stamps, 1999-2014) Show with all usages

Used by 3 stamps of Equatorial Guinea: (See all uses as list)

9/1/1999 750fr issue=Frédéric Chopin death 150th dt=Anniversaries (1999)
1/1/2014 750fr issue=International Year of Family Agriculture
1/1/2014 750fr issue=Bolondo-Mbini Bridge d=Bolondo-Mbini Bridge d

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