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E20g. denom (#16515)

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Desc: E20g.

Currency: euro (100c=1e)

Numerical sorting value: 0

Equivalent denoms: (undenom), +0.0,46€+0.231, 0, 1 circle, 1 in circle, 1 Inland U, 1 klass, 18fr., , 1Cs, 1europe, 1InlandU, 1LKº, 1local, 1st class, 1stclass, 1U, 1wereld, 1world, 1WorldU, 2 circle, 2 in circle, 2 Inland U, 2 klass, 2(Inland)U, 20 grams, 20g, , 2Cs, 2InlandU, 2local, 2nd class, 2U, 3 circle, , 3europe, 3fr., 3U, 3world, 3WorldU, A, A 20g, A prior, A2, A20g, A20g., aangetekendº, ATR50g, Écopli 20g, B, B 50g, B zona 1, B zona 1 50g, B zona 2, B zona 2 50g, B zona 3, B zona 3 50g, C, circle 1, circle 2, circle 3, circle 5, circle 7, Correio Azul, D, December, E 20g, E 50g, E20g, Ecopli, ECOPLI 20 g, Ecopli 20g, EUROPA, Europa1, Europe, Europe 20g, I 20g, I 20grs., I20g., Inrikes, JULPOST, L 50g, L50g, Lettere prioritaire 20g, LETTRE 20 g, Lettre 20g, LETTRE 50 g, Lettre 50g, Lettre prioritaire, Lettre prioritaire 100g, Lettre prioritaire 20g, Lettre prioritaire 250g, Lettre prioritaire 50g, Lettre verte 100g, Lettre verte 20g, Lettre verte 250g, Lettre verte 50g, Lettreverte, Lettreverte20g, Lokalpost, lowest inland weight, M 50g, Monde, MONDE 20 g, Monde 20g, N, N 20grs., N20g, N20g., Noneº, Prior, Prioritaire 20g, Priority, Recommandé, Recommande, Registered lowest inland weight, T1 50g, T2, T2 20g, T2 50g, TVP, Valeur permanente, Variablee, VARLDEN, världen, W, Wereld1, World 20g

Users of this denom: Portugal (5 stamps, 2011-2013), Madeira region (7 stamps, 2014)

Used by 12 stamps: See all uses as list
Portugal 3/25/2011 E20g. issue=Credito Agricola 100th unwmk
Portugal 5/30/2012 E20g. issue=50 Years of Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon unwmk
Portugal 11/13/2012 E20g. dt=Traditional Portuguese Festivals d=Carnaval de Ilhavo unwmk
Portugal 1/31/2013 E20g. issue=Bicentenary of the Birth of Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi unwmk
Portugal 1/31/2013 E20g. issue=Bicentenary of the Birth of Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi unwmk
Madeira region 1/27/2014 E20g. d=Apiculture
Madeira region 1/27/2014 E20g. d=Europa 2013 b
Madeira region 1/27/2014 E20g. d=Levadas - Irrigation Canals
Madeira region 1/27/2014 E20g. d=50 Years of Botanical Gardens
Madeira region 1/27/2014 E20g. d=Pitanga Tree
Madeira region 5/9/2014 E20g. issue=Europa 2014
Madeira region 5/9/2014 E20g. issue=Europa 2014