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0.50fr denom (#16926)

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Desc: 0.50fr

Currency: Saint Pierre and Miquelon franc (100c=1fr)

Numerical sorting value: 3000

Equivalent denoms: 50c (24)

Users of this denom: St. Pierre & Miquelon (5 stamps, 1925-1997)

Used by 5 stamps of St. Pierre & Miquelon: (See all uses as list)

postage due 1925 0.50fr issue=1925 due
11/15/1974 0.50fr issue=100th Anniversary of St. Pierre Savings Bank
10/20/1975 0.50fr dt=Artisan Handicrafts
postage due 1986 0.50fr issue=1986 due d=Pyrochroa coccinea
10/8/1997 0.50fr issue=1997