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0.50d denom (#18079)

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Desc: 0.50d

Currency: United Arab Emirates dirham (100f=1aed=1dh=1d)

Numerical sorting value: 3000

Equivalent denoms: 50f

Users of this denom: United Arab Emirates (32 stamps, 2002-2005)

Used by 32 stamps of United Arab Emirates: (See all uses as list)

2/2/2002 0.50d issue=Dubai International Conference
3/25/2002 0.50d issue=United Arab Emirates University 25th Anniversary
4/29/2002 0.50d issue=Arabian Saluki
5/29/2002 0.50d issue=Emirates Post
7/17/2002 0.50d issue=Poet Rashid bin Salim Al Suwaidi - Al Khadhar
9/10/2002 0.50d issue=Childhood Creativity
10/21/2002 0.50d issue=Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences
12/2/2002 0.50d issue=31st National Day d=Ajman
12/2/2002 0.50d issue=31st National Day d=Sharjah
12/2/2002 0.50d issue=31st National Day d=Abu Dhabi
12/2/2002 0.50d issue=31st National Day d=Dubai
12/2/2002 0.50d issue=31st National Day d=Ras Al-Khaimah
12/2/2002 0.50d issue=31st National Day d=Fujairah
12/2/2002 0.50d issue=31st National Day d=Umm Al Quwain
4/5/2004 0.50d issue=Scholar Mohammed Bin Saeed Bin Ghubash d=Mohammed Bin Saeed Bin Ghubash
6/29/2004 0.50d issue=Handicrafts of People with Special Needs
8/13/2004 0.50d issue=Olympics 2004
9/26/2004 0.50d dt=endangered marine creatures of the Arabian Gulf d=Black Finless Porpoise
11/30/2004 0.50d issue=2004 d=H.H. Sheikh Doctor Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi
12/29/2004 0.50d dt=traditional fashions of UAE women d=Al Serwal (Drawers)
1/8/2005 0.50d issue=25th Anniversary of Dubai Aluminium Company Limited (DUBAL)
1/12/2005 0.50d issue=Dubai Shopping Festival 2005
4/1/2005 0.50d issue=2nd International Gathering - Scouting and Belonging
4/10/2005 0.50d issue=Honoring H.H. Shaikha Fatima Bint Mubarak
5/30/2005 0.50d issue=Poet Al Majedi bin Dhaher
8/2/2005 0.50d dt=desert reptiles of the United Arab Emirates d=agama
10/11/2005 0.50d issue=General Census
11/3/2005 0.50d issue=1st Anniversary of Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Accession
11/27/2005 0.50d dt=desert plants in the UAE d=Leptadenia pyrotechnica
12/2/2005 0.50d issue=34th National Day in the eyes of Children 2005
12/21/2005 0.50d dt=pearl diving tools
12/21/2005 0.50d dt=pearl diving tools d=with pearl

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