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45.00s denom (#19233)

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Desc: 45.00s

Currency: Kyrgyzstani som (100t=1s)

Numerical sorting value: 270000

Users of this denom: Kyrgyzstan (14 stamps, 2005-2014)

Used by 14 stamps of Kyrgyzstan: (See all uses as list)

12/29/2005 45.00s issue=50th Anniversary of Europa Stamps
6/24/2006 45.00s dt=Commemorative Coins of the Kyrgyz Republic
8/13/2009 45.00s issue=Chyngyz Aitmatov d=horseman
12/12/2009 45.00s dt=glaciers of Kyrgyzstan d=North Inylchek Glacier
2/12/2010 45.00s issue=Winter Olympics 2010
4/24/2010 45.00s issue=75th Anniversary of the Kyrgyz National Museum of Arts d=By the Night
3/5/2011 45.00s issue=Nature Reserves of Kyrgyzstan
12/17/2011 45.00s issue=Development of Dirigibles
2/25/2012 45.00s issue=National Feminine Headdress - Elechek
6/2/2012 45.00s issue=Greatest Inventions of Mankind d=wheel
6/5/2012 45.00s issue=Programme of UNO of Environment
8/25/2012 45.00s issue=Bicentenary of Borodino Battle
6/22/2013 45.00s d=Sacred Mountain "Sulaiman Too"
8/16/2014 45.00s issue=UNESCO Cultural Heritage d=Shyrdak

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