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700r denom (#19720)

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Desc: 700r

Currency: Belarusian ruble (100k=1r)

Numerical sorting value: 4200000

Users of this denom: Belarus (6 stamps, 1994-2009)

Used by 6 stamps of Belarus: See all uses as list
10/10/1994 700r d=arms of Grodno
10/10/1994 700r d=arms of Vitebsk
10/17/1994 700r issue=Architecture d=Church-fortress in Synkovichy 16th century
10/17/1994 700r issue=Architecture d=StsPeter & Pavel Cathedral in Gomel 19th century
4/24/2003 700r issue=Europa 2003 dt=Poster Art (2003 Belarus) unwmk
1/4/2009 700r issue=200th Anniversary of Louis Braille d=Louis Braille (2009) unwmk

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