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0.6L denom (#21200)

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  • Colnect-1408-268-%E2%80%ADArms-of-Republic-and-Wheat.jpg
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Desc: 0.6L

Currency: Albanian lek (100q=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 3600

Equivalent denoms: 60q (21)

Users of this denom: Albania (7 stamps, 1965-1992)

Used by 7 stamps of Albania: (See all uses as list)

12/7/1965 0.6L dt=brown bears (1965)
1/11/1966 0.6L issue=Albanian People's Republic 20th d=hammer & sickle on Book National Emblem perf=12x12.25
5/3/1966 0.6L issue=Inauguration of the new Headquarters of WHO in Geneva d=Sisters weigh Toddler perf=12.25
5/10/1966 0.6L dt=echinoderms d=Tube Holothurian Holothuria tubulosa perf=12.25x12.5
4/14/1968 0.6L issue=25 Years Women's Organisation d=Agricultural Worker perf=12
6/10/1971 0.6L issue=China's Space Achievements d=globe Satellite Orbit perf=12.25x12.5
10/4/1992 0.6L issue=1992 d=Mother Teresa with child