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2+1L denom (#21838)

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Desc: 2+1L

Currency: Romanian leu (100b=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 12000
Second numerical value: 6000

Equivalent denoms: 2l+1l (1)

Users of this denom: Romania (7 stamps, 1934-1990)

Used by 7 stamps of Romania: (See all uses as list)

4/16/1934 2+1L bl issue=Weaving Exposition d=Farmers wife weaving wmk=crowns & monograms
6/8/1936 2+1L blgrn issue=King Carol II accession 6th dt=national costumes (1936) d=girl of Salliste wmk=crowns & monograms perf=13.5
6/8/1937 2+1L blkgrn issue=Federation of Romanian Sports Clubs 25th d=skiing (1937) wmk=crowns & monograms perf=13.5
9/1/1937 2+1L grn issue=8th Balkan Games d=javelin throw (1937) wmk=crowns & monograms perf=13.5
6/23/1938 2+1L grn issue=Nicolae Grigorescu 100th d=Escorting Prisoners wmk=crowns & monograms perf=13.5
6/8/1940 2+1L lilbrn issue=Straja Tarii dt=Romanian sights d=Roman ruins wmk=crowns & monograms
10/1/1990 2+1L issue=1st Anniversary of the National Uprising

All are semipostal