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2+1fr denom (#22104)

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Desc: 2+1fr

Currency: Saar franc (100c=1fr)

Numerical sorting value: 12000
Second numerical value: 6000

Users of this denom: Saar (6 stamps, 1929-1934)

Used by 6 stamps of Saar: (See all uses as list)

semipostal 12/22/1929 2+1fr dkbrnred issue=1929 semi d=Ste Odile giving drink to a passenger
semipostal 1/20/1931 2+1fr dkorgbrn issue=1931 semi a d=The Good Samaritan
12/23/1931 2+1fr dkcarred issue=1931 semi b d=Charity
semipostal 12/20/1932 2+1fr carred issue=1932 semi d=Fountain St Wendel
semipostal 3/15/1934 2+1fr issue=1934 semi d="Welfare" Statue of Saint Louis church Saarbrücken
semipostal 12/1/1934 2+1fr issue=plebiscite 1935 d="Welfare" Statue of Saint Louis church Saarbrücken ovpt=VOLKSABSTIMMUNG//1935 on=issue=1934 semi-2+1fr

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