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250p denom (#2423)

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Desc: 250p

Currency: Israeli lira (p) (1000pr=1000p=1lb)

Numerical sorting value: 15000

Users of this denom: Israel (11 stamps, 1949-1959)

Used by 11 stamps of Israel: See all uses as list
2/16/1949 250p brn&gray d=road of valor
airmail 6/25/1950 250p dkgraybl issue=1950 air dt=stylized birds d=Mosaic dove & olive branch
postage due 11/30/1952 250p d=running stag
1/13/1955 250p dkbl d=lamp of learning
8/25/1955 250p issue=New Year 1955 dt=biblical musicians d=musician playing harp
11/8/1955 250p gray dt=twelve tribes d=Benjamin
4/29/1957 250p issue=independence 9th
1959 250p graygrn&redbrn d=Aleihem
2/25/1959 250p issue=postal system 10th
7/22/1959 250p och&olblk issue=Hayim Nahman Bialik death 25th d=Bialik
11/25/1959 250p graybl&dkbl issue=Eliezer Ben-Yehuda 100th d=Ben-Yehuda

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