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4y denom (#2525)

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Desc: 4y

Currency: Japanese yen (1000rin=1000r=100sen=100s=1y)

Numerical sorting value: 240000

Users of this denom: Japan (6 stamps, 1947-1963), Ryukyu Islands (9 stamps, 1950-1958)

Used by 15 stamps: (See all uses as list)

Japan 1947 4y ltultra issue=1947 d=geese var=redrawn wmk=curved wavy lines perf=13x13.5
Japan 1947 4y issue=Definitives d=Snow Goose - Anser caerulescens wmk=curved wavy lines
Japan 8/15/1947 4y ultra issue=resumption of foreign trade wmk=curved wavy lines perf=12.5
Ryukyu Islands 1/21/1950 4y graygrn issue=1950 d=Women at Beach perf=13x13.5
Japan 0/1/1951 4y ultra issue=1950 d=Snow Goose (1951) perf=13x13.5
Japan 1952 4y issue=1952 d=pagoda 1952 perf=13x13.5
Ryukyu Islands 10/1/1953 4y yelbrn issue=3rd newspaper week d=Chofu Ota & pencil perf=13.5x13
Ryukyu Islands 1954 4y brn issue=industrial arts d=wine flask
Ryukyu Islands 10/1/1954 4y bl issue=Newspaper Week 1954 d=Shi Toma Pen perf=13.5x13
Ryukyu Islands 11/26/1955 4y bl issue=sweet potato introduction 350th d=Noguni Shrine & Sweet Potato Plant perf=13.5x13
Ryukyu Islands 2/18/1956 4y blgrn issue=Arbor Week d=Stylized Trees perf=13.5
Ryukyu Islands 6/8/1956 4y blvio d=telephone dial & telephone perf=13x13.5
Ryukyu Islands 10/1/1957 4y viobl d=pencil rocket & map perf=13.5x13
Ryukyu Islands 7/1/1958 4y issue=stamp 10th d=Ryukyu Stamps perf=13.5
Japan 5/15/1963 4y brn&red issue=1962 d=Emperors Slit Shell Pleurotomaria hirasei

Used by 5 stampdescs as denom:
issuer=Ryukyu Islands-1954-4y
issuer=Ryukyu Islands-1954-4y-brn