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3.20fr denom (#26833)

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Desc: 3.20fr

Currency: Monegasque franc (100c=1fr=1f)

Numerical sorting value: 19200

Users of this denom: Monaco (11 stamps, 1985-1991)

Used by 11 stamps of Monaco: See all uses as list
8/1/1985 3.20fr issue=Rainier III & Prince Albert d=Rainier III & Prince Albert II perf=13
8/13/1985 3.20fr dt=fish in Oceanographic Museum Aquarium (1985) d=Chaetodon collare perf=12.5x13
11/7/1985 3.20fr issue=Monte Carlo Flower Show 1986 perf=12.75x13
5/22/1986 3.20fr issue=Europa 1986 perf=12.5x13
5/22/1986 3.20fr issue=Mammals in Mercantour National Park dt=mammals in Mercantour National Park d=Rupicapra rupicapra (1986) perf=13x12.5
5/22/1986 3.20fr issue=75th Anniversary of the New Monte Carlo Ballet Company d=Serge Diaghilev perf=13x12.75
9/5/1986 3.20fr issue=30th International Insurance Congress perf=13
3/15/1990 3.20fr vio&bl issue=1990 d=Prince Rainier (1989 a) perf=13x12.75
9/4/1990 3.20fr issue=Minerals in Mercantour National Park dt=minerals in Mercantour National Park d=Rutile perf=13x12.5
10/17/1990 3.20fr issue=Christmas 1990 d=The brushwood collector perf=12.5x13
4/26/1991 3.20fr issue=Europa 1991 d=Intl comm satellite for the merchant shipping INMARSAT perf=13x13.5

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