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3.80fr denom (#26834)

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Desc: 3.80fr

Currency: Monegasque franc (100c=1fr=1f)

Numerical sorting value: 22800

Users of this denom: Monaco (11 stamps, 1990-2000)

Used by 11 stamps of Monaco: See all uses as list
3/15/1990 3.80fr vio issue=1990 d=Prince Rainier (1989 a) unwmk perf=13x12.75
9/4/1990 3.80fr issue=Minerals in Mercantour National Park dt=minerals in Mercantour National Park d=Chlorite unwmk perf=13x12.5
10/17/1990 3.80fr issue=Christmas 1990 d=The Baker unwmk perf=12.5x13
6/21/1996 3.80fr orgred issue=Introduction of International Dialling Code 377 unwmk perf=12.75x13
7/8/1996 3.80fr dkpur&bl d=Prince Rainier (1989 a) unwmk perf=13
12/19/1996 3.80fr issue=Monte Carlo Flower Show 1997 d=camellia japonica unwmk perf=13.25x13
11/28/1997 3.80fr dkbrn issue=20th Anniversary of the Death of Princess Charlotte d=Princess Charlotte unwmk perf=13x12.5
11/20/1998 3.80fr dkpur&bl d=Prince Rainier (1989 a) unwmk
1/18/1999 3.80fr issue=39th Television Festival unwmk
10/2/2000 3.80fr issue=ESPANA 2000 unwmk perf=13.25
12/2/2000 3.80fr issue=34th Monte Carlo Flower Show d=Iris Princess Caroline of Monaco unwmk perf=13.25x13

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