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8.00fr denom (#26844)

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  • Colnect-149-229-Villa-Miraflores-Monte-Carlo-stamp-issuing-office.jpg
  • Colnect-149-389-Farm-in-Auvers--by-Paul-C%C3%A9zanne-1839-1906.jpg
  • Colnect-149-392-Gambling-room-1915.jpg
  • Colnect-149-498-Princess-Grace-1929-1982--by-Reza-Samini-1915-1991.jpg
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  • Colnect-149-694-Villa-Miraflores-Monte-Carlo-new-seat-of-the-IAAF--Athlete.jpg
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  • Colnect-149-929-Fran%C3%A7ois-Grimaldi--by-Ernando-Venanzi.jpg
  • Colnect-149-949-Prince-Albert-I-as-a-helmsman-Monument.jpg
  • Colnect-149-969-Teapot-porcelain-figure-of-Fran-ccedil-ois-Grimaldi.jpg
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Desc: 8.00fr

Currency: Monegasque franc (100c=1fr=1f)

Numerical sorting value: 48000

Equivalent denoms: 8fr

Users of this denom: Monaco (22 stamps, 1987-2001)

Used by 22 stamps of Monaco: (See all uses as list)

4/23/1987 8.00fr blk issue=50th Anniversary of Monaco Stamp Issuing Office d=Villa Miraflores perf=13
11/13/1987 8.00fr vioblk issue=50th Anniversary of Monaco Stamp Issuing Office b d=Villa Miraflores perf=13
9/7/1989 8.00fr issue=150th Anniversary of the birth of Paul Cezanne d=Farmyard at Auvers - By Paul Cezanne
10/26/1989 8.00fr issue=Monaco in the Belle Epoque dt=paintings by Hubert Clerissi d=Gambling room 1915
11/7/1991 8.00fr issue=10th Anniversary of Princess Grace Theatre perf=12.5x13
2/7/1992 8.00fr issue=Olympics 1992 d=football (1992)
10/20/1992 8.00fr issue=Monaco Red Cross - St. Devote, Patron Saint of Monaco d=Procession with the relics of Saint Dévote
5/17/1994 8.00fr issue=World Cup 1994 perf=13
6/10/1994 8.00fr issue=Inauguration of New Seat of International Amateur Athletics Federation perf=13
10/15/1994 8.00fr issue=LE SALON DU TIMBRE d=Prunus armeniaca - Autumn perf=13x12.5
10/15/1994 8.00fr issue=Monaco Red Cross 1994 perf=13
2/13/1995 8.00fr blkvio&brn issue=35th Television Festival d=Crown Prince Albert perf=12.75x13
5/8/1995 8.00fr issue=2000th Anniversary of Emperor Augustus Monument, La Turbie d=Trophee des Alpes perf=12.25x13
10/24/1995 8.00fr issue=Monaco Red Cross 1995 d=Doctors Prakash and Mandakini perf=13
10/24/1995 8.00fr graypur&vio issue=100th Anniversary of Invention of Inflatable Tyres perf=13
10/14/1996 8.00fr issue=Monaco Red Cross 1996 d=Camille Guerin and Albert Calmette perf=14
9/8/1997 8.00fr dt=paintings (1997 Monaco) d=Francois Grimaldi - Ernando Venanzi perf=13.25x13
11/29/1997 8.00fr issue=150th Anniversary of the Birth of Prince Albert I d=Albert I (Statue) perf=13x12.5
6/24/1998 8.00fr dt=Fine Arts (1998)
4/3/2000 8.00fr issue=Twelve Apostles d=St. James the Minor and St. Jude perf=13.25
12/1/2000 8.00fr issue=Motor Cars and Fashion, Motor Cars from the Royal Collection perf=13x13.25
9/3/2001 8.00fr issue=100th Anniversary of the Nobel Prize d=Henri Dunant (2001)

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