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0.01l denom (#27532)

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Desc: 0.01l

Currency: Honduran lempira (100c=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 60

Equivalent denoms: 1c

Users of this denom: Honduras (14 stamps, 1959-1980)

Used by 14 stamps of Honduras: (See all uses as list)

12/21/1959 0.01l issue=2nd Anniversary of New Constitution
8/20/1965 0.01l issue=100th Anniversary of the Death of Father Manuel de Jesus Subirana d=Jicaque
3/12/1966 0.01l issue=Pope Paul VI Visit to UN
5/31/1966 0.01l issue=100th Anniversary of Honduras stamps d=Stamp of 1866
1/1/1967 0.01l issue=20th Anniversary of the United Nations
3/5/1968 0.01l issue=Olympics 1968
3/5/1968 0.01l issue=Olympics 1968
11/27/1968 0.01l issue=100th Anniversary International Telecommunications Union d=John F Kennedy Launching launcher with news satellites
1/9/1969 0.01l issue=Robert F. Kennedy memorial
6/18/1975 0.01l issue=100th Anniversary of UPU d=flag of Germany & flag of Austria
5/24/1976 0.01l ltbl&blk issue=20th Anniversary of CARE in Honduras
8/29/1976 0.01l issue=200th Anniversary of American Revolution
12/9/1980 0.01l issue=International Year of the Child d="Workers in a Field" - J.E. Mejia
12/17/1980 0.01l issue=100th Anniversary of the Death of Sir Rowland Hill

All are airmail

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