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0.05l denom (#27535)

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Desc: 0.05l

Currency: Honduran lempira (100c=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 300

Equivalent denoms: 5c

Users of this denom: Honduras (25 stamps, 1959-1992)

Used by 25 stamps of Honduras: (See all uses as list)

airmail 12/21/1959 0.05l org issue=2nd Anniversary of New Constitution
airmail 5/31/1966 0.05l issue=100th Anniversary of Honduras stamps d=Locomotive
airmail 3/5/1968 0.05l issue=Olympics 1968
airmail 3/5/1968 0.05l issue=Olympics 1968
airmail 11/27/1968 0.05l issue=100th Anniversary International Telecommunications Union d=Communications via satellite in Honduras
airmail 1/9/1969 0.05l issue=Olympics 1968 gold medal winners
airmail 11/29/1969 0.05l issue=Moon landing d=Rocket Blast-off
airmail 2/20/1970 0.05l issue=1970 surcharges d=++on=7c
airmail 7/17/1970 0.05l issue=safe return of Apollo 13
airmail 8/15/1970 0.05l issue=Campaign Against Forest Fires d=Julio Adolfo Sanhueza
airmail 5/1/1971 0.05l issue=1971 surcharges d=++on=1c
airmail 5/1/1972 0.05l issue=150th Anniversary of Independence d=Soldier National Flag
airmail 5/1/1972 0.05l issue=50th Anniversary of Honduras Masonic Grand Lodge
airmail 6/18/1975 0.05l issue=100th Anniversary of UPU
airmail 5/24/1976 0.05l issue=20th Anniversary of CARE in Honduras
airmail 8/29/1976 0.05l issue=200th Anniversary of American Revolution
airmail 5/10/1978 0.05l issue=75th Anniversary of Pan-American Health Organization
airmail 12/9/1980 0.05l issue=International Year of the Child d="Landscape" - Roman E. Cooper
airmail 12/17/1980 0.05l issue=100th Anniversary of the Death of Sir Rowland Hill
airmail 6/26/1986 0.05l issue=1986 surcharges d=++on=1c
2/26/1987 0.05l issue=25th Anniversary of Central American Air Navigation Services Association
10/9/1987 0.05l issue=30th Anniversary of Housing Institute
airmail 6/9/1988 0.05l blk&brn issue=1988 surcharges d=++on=0.06l
airmail 6/9/1988 0.05l issue=1988 surcharges d=++on=0.06l
airmail 9/18/1992 0.05l issue=200th Anniversary of the Birth of General Francisco Morazan

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