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0.18l denom (#27548)

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Desc: 0.18l

Currency: Honduran lempira (100c=1l)

Numerical sorting value: 1080

Equivalent denoms: 18c

Users of this denom: Honduras (9 stamps, 1976-1983)

Used by 9 stamps of Honduras: (See all uses as list)

3/5/1976 0.18l issue=International Women's Year
5/24/1976 0.18l olgrn&blk issue=20th Anniversary of CARE in Honduras
5/28/1976 0.18l issue=Forest Protection
8/29/1976 0.18l issue=200th Anniversary of American Revolution
9/13/1977 0.18l issue=Visit of King and Queen of Spain d=King Juan Carlos (1977)
3/1/1978 0.18l issue=Honduras '78
9/6/1978 0.18l issue=World Cup 1978 winners
1/14/1983 0.18l issue=membership in UPU Executive Council 3rd
1/14/1983 0.18l issue=membership in UPU Executive Council 3rd

All are airmail

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